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How to tell a friendship story

One of my favorite things to do on Facebook is to look at photos of friends in the news feed as they start some new relationship in their life, get married and get married. It gives a very funny and at the same time meaningful “snapshot” of how friendship develops between my two acquaintances.
I thought that a similar effect could be achieved by collecting all the photos and correspondence on the wall between friends on a separate page. It would be possible to recall the very first post on the wall of your best friend or a photo from some party. Maybe it will even be possible to see the very moment when some particularly dear couple met you at a party where you were all.
A few months ago I started working on such a separate page dedicated to friendship. I and several interns set about creating a prototype, and as a result, they organized a marathon of programming for the whole night, then one of our designers joined us. For all of us it was a project in which we invested our whole soul.
Now I can proudly announce that we are ready for the Friendship Pages project. They display public posts and comments of two friends, photos in which they are marked, events they have attended, and much more. You can visit the “Friendship Pages” if you are a friend of one of the users and can view the profiles of both friends. ”
When two people have a lot in common, this page really starts to reflect their friendship. You can go to the “Friendship Page” with messages on the wall, following the link below the stories about relationships and under the main photo on a friend’s profile page.
For those of us who worked on the development, the best in these pages is the human side. Pages can bring back memories, conversations and time spent together. After looking at just a few “Pages of Friendship”, I remembered one long Saturday when my friend and I made a cake, an unforgettable trip to Disneyland, where I was dizzy when I rode on the carousel in a tea cup, and the way my friend arranged a birthday for his dog with festive ribbons and candles.
It's great to see how information can be transformed into something new and significant. I hope you enjoy it!


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