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Physicists from Fermilab will check if the Universe is a hologram

Scientists from the Fermilab laboratory set up an experiment to test the exotic theory known as the holographic principle . It says that all information from a 3D space can be represented as a 2D projection. Hence the conclusion that the reality surrounding us can be initially encoded in 2D on a smaller scale, and the three-dimensional hologram is generated by the interference of space and time.

The holographic principle states that the impression of a three-dimensional space is created only on a macroscopic scale, while fluctuations will be noticeable on the scale of Planck units . They intend to discover the physics of Fermilab with the help of a holometer .

The holometer consists of two laser interferometers of two perpendicular 40-meter parts.

It works on the principle of a standard interferometer, only at the Planck scale, trying to find the slightest deviations in the motion of two laser beams, which are emitted from one source and are divided into two beams. If such deviations are found, they can be considered “Planck noise” indicating pixelization of space (“oscillations of the fabric of the Universe”).

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107172/

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