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New blockbuster game for Android and iOS

In the Russian AppStore, “Bubbles” were in the lead among free apps for 5 days from launch.


We want to share the good news: the game “Bubbles”, which for a long time successfully entertained the users of the social network My World, has been ported to iOS and Android. Now the owners of popular communicators may never part with their favorite time-killer.
Let's not paint the mechanics for a long time - in this type of game it's hard to get confused. We’ll just say about two things that users really asked us about and that are implemented in this mobile application: player rating, and the lack of restrictions on the time of a game session. You can enjoy the process to infinity)


The version for iPhone can be downloaded here , the version for communicators running the Android OS is here .

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107171/

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