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Anonymity accessible to everyone

image Hello everyone, let's get acquainted.

We are Kebrum , a Seychelles company with Russian brains. Our profile is anonymity and security on the Internet, at the moment we have launched a VPN service and are not going to stop there. First, I will tell briefly about the service for those who did not participate in beta testing , and then a couple of cool stories, as it relies on Habré.


Kebrum VPN

When we started developing the service, the task was to make high technologies accessible to everyone, both in terms of money and in terms of IT knowledge. I wanted a desktop client with one big button “Make it work as it should” to turn it on and forget it. What is a VPN service and why can it be used in everyday life?
Initially, VPN technology was used to integrate corporate computers into a common network, which made it possible to significantly increase security and cut infrastructure maintenance costs. Due to its technical features, the technology quickly attracted cyber criminals because it allowed them to commit atrocities while remaining anonymous. With the development of the Internet and the law on the law, many other possible applications of VPN by ordinary users have appeared.
In the west, services that provide services for connecting to the Internet via VPN are fairly common, while existing services in Russia are sharpened for criminal needs, and prices are frightening. Why does an ordinary person need such a service?

So, situations when connecting via VPN is your way out.

Corporate restrictions
If you have blocked any sites at work or you want to go to bad sites, but you do not want the admin to see this - connect via VPN, this will remove all restrictions, and only the server address will remain in the logs. If you become impudent, the admin will notice that you always have 1 connection and you eat a lot of traffic, check and add the address of the VPN server to the blacklist. We also need administrative rights, which is not available in all companies. VPN is a good way to get around restrictions, where there is no highly qualified administrator and strict rules.

Overseas sites
Many tasty sites and services become unavailable if you have a Russian IP address. Last.fm, hulu, fox, bbc, pandora and many others. When you connect via VPN, your IP changes and you get the Internet citizenship of the country where the server is located. Thus, you can be represented by anyone, depending on the policy of a particular resource. Often you can take part in the closed beta and download something useful, which is distributed only for a certain type of countries, such as free applications in iTunes. Very convenient and sometimes even cost-effective, since. last.fm account costs 5 euro, and when connected via Germany it becomes free.

Downloading torrents via VPN is now the most popular feature of such services, because the technology allows you to remain anonymous, and therefore unpunished. We must understand that if the state needs to find you, it will find it. To remain truly anonymous you need to lead a rather specific lifestyle, which is usually not worth it. But copywriters need money and public spanking, so they will punish those who are easier to reach. And if they see the IP address of a public VPN service in the logs, they will spit and go to punish the less successful rooster from the country and even the city that suits them, so that it is more convenient to sue. It is worth a step away from the throne of the right holders, as they become lazy and unprofitable to strain in order to restore universal justice.

Good old anonymity when it was possible to shit on the forums and laugh at the threats “Yes, I will calculate you by IP!” When the Internet was perceived as something distant from the real world. Anonymity is good for everyone, because often you have a dedicated IP address and there is no desire to keep it in server logs in various parts of the Internet. If you want a bit of privacy - VPN is your way out. Encryption will prevent your ISP from logging your activity on the network, and IP spoofing will allow you to leave no traces when surfing. It is for this type of freedom that we loved the Internet at one time. Nevertheless, the word Internet is less and less like a synonym for the word freedom .

Wi-Fi in cafes
Google has perfectly demonstrated how you can drive a car with an antenna and write to steal a bunch of logins / passwords from unprotected networks. Nothing prevents a criminal from driving to a cozy cafe by car and starting to sniff traffic, or maybe even make your point by calling Mac Cafe, so that gullible visitors of McDonald's can transfer all their information directly to the computer. If the traffic is encrypted from the client’s computer to the VPN service server, then all that the fraudster will receive is digital porridge. When connecting via VPN, you can use even the most dysfunctional Wi-Fi points anywhere in Iraq, without the fear that terrorists will know your password from VKontakte. Here, the theft of passwords via Wi-Fi in general to the industrial level brought out.

These are the features that VPN technology provides for ordinary Internet users.

After nights of deliberation, horrific layouts and references to konfu with a cry of “Fuck they have it, do we not have it?” All the details of the future service were thought out. We took OpenVPN open-source technology, because it surpasses the outdated PPTP protocols, wrapped the whole thing into a minimalist cross-platform desktop client, wrote our billing - voila, the output was a convenient and understandable to any user product. Thanks to automation and the absence of a large amount of expenses for “formal business”, we are able to set tasty prices for tariffs. A large number of VPN services offers unlimited connectivity, but you have to understand that traffic costs money and real unlimited happens only in fairy tales. Often the user agreement states “No more than 2 GB per day”, and where there is real unlimited, the company expects that the user will download no more than N-gigabytes and include it in the cost of the service. We made 3 tariffs, which will allow the user to independently choose the necessary amount of traffic and not to overpay for gigabytes, which he is not going to use. The amount of traffic in each tariff was derived empirically. Personally, I have a tariff of 25 GB per month and this is enough for my eyes, so the minimum rate includes 50 GB of traffic, which is enough to surf, watch TV shows and movies online, jump 2-3 hard games, listen to your favorite music Plus, the user gets a PPTP account for their mobile devices, since this protocol is supported natively by iPhone, iPad, android and WM. We really tried to make a good service, which we will use ourselves.
Time for cool stories, gentlemen!


Unfortunately, the team did not eat doshirak, did not sell the car and did not leave the main job for the “dream come true”. However, there is an interesting point. None of the developers have seen in real life, and all the work was done remotely. You can say we repeated the way BaseCamp developers in this regard. Most likely, office work would notably speed up the development process, but also increase its cost. Moreover, at the moment everyone lives in different cities and there is no one who wants to hastily come together in one city.
We did not meet the great insurmountable problems, although if we think about it, there were also difficult moments. Slightly slowed down the process of the cost of legal registration of business, opening accounts, receiving cards, search and connection of payment services and other paperwork. In general, everything was successfully solved, the price of resolving issues was only time, which we had plenty of. The only thing we lacked was a designer, however, we always had assistants and critics, so we fulfilled the necessary minimum for design. We did not observe a start-up “burning eyes”, everyone enjoyed the development process itself and chose the development subject not because it was profitable, it would shoot, etc., but because we could do it well and it was in demand, so I didn’t would call kebrum a startup.

There are 2 types of businesses: for money and for the soul. When you open a bakery and do it with a soul, then you just make good bread, and you don’t think how then you open 51 bakeries around the city and take over the bread market. Money makes it possible to do what you like, and what's the point of spending half the time on something that gives money, but is not fun, if you can immediately do your favorite thing? “I’m earning a million, I’ll buy a car, an apartment, everyone will respect me and ... and ... well, I’ll live well” is not our case. Even with a million, we will do what we are doing now.

Paranoids and stupid kulhackers

If you fail, then a $ 5-100 VPN will not save you from a state with unlimited resources, it’s not necessary to criticize services, it’s not their fault. A professional independently raises triple VPN on broken computers across the whole world and his behavior on the network is different from “downloading torrents and calling politicians to bad people in LiveJournal.” To be sure of your complete anonymity, you need to know your computer and fine-tune it, turning off all third-party modules like Flash, without which the Internet stops being so fun. Do you need it if you just download pirated music?

When connecting via VPN, you buy yourself a tail like a lizard, which in case of danger can be discarded (your account will be blocked) and you will lose only the money you paid for the service. Personally, we conduct two-day logs such as account-IP (the address of the visited resource, not yours) in order to block the accounts of criminals. The maximum that we can give to the authorities is the user’s login / password pair and only by the decision of the Seychelles court. Our service is designed for ordinary Internet users who do not want to be a victim of wild copyright laws, and want a little more privacy and freedom.

PS Those services that declare the absence of logs and at the same time roll out a whole list of rules contradict themselves. How do they know who exactly broke the rule if there are no logs? Something is wrong here, especially when it comes to legal companies.

What's next?

For this service, it is planned to add the ability to use custom scripts so that those who wish can be perverted with the traffic as they please. It is also in the process of developing the opportunity to buy a dedicated IP address that will belong to you and only you, since many people ask for it. Well, I want to ask questions that will improve the service.
On this, I think, to finish, and so the wall of the text turned out.
Check if your client is working for free through a test server (which will only show our site, but will make sure that everything works as it should for you). We are waiting for your comments and questions.

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