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"Social network"

Yesterday David Fincher's “Social Network” was released in Russian hire, and its English-language DVD screener appeared in torrents. Since on Habré the film is probably interesting to many, after viewing it decided to write the text - it has not yet seen it that can help to decide whether it is worth watching, and those who have already looked can discuss it in comments (the main thing is to warn about spoilers).

For Habr's audience, this is primarily a “film about Zuckerberg”, and not just a feature film, and surely many are concerned about the question of authenticity. I have to say: do not wait for documentary accuracy. It is impossible initially - if only for the reason that the trial shown in the film ended with the signing of nondisclosure papers, and now only those participating in it know how everything really was. However, Fincher unscrewed as gracefully as possible. He does not unequivocally answer sharp questions (did Zuckerberg steal the idea or not?), But illustrates the statements of various participants in the same trial; Of course, each of the participants can lie, but the overall picture is still taking shape, and it turns out to be quite fascinating, informative and convincing. You can notice inconsistencies in details (say, the address changes from thefacebook.com to facebook.com when the idea of ​​Napster founder Sean Parker drops the idea - in fact, Zuckerberg himself was not averse to taking this domain initially, only he was busy, and I had to outbid him later for $ 200,000), but not the slightest desire arises to find fault with them.

Another question that interested many people was whether it was possible to make a fascinating movie about a nerd who spent most of his life staring at the monitor (some time ago they tried to do this in Pirates of Silicon Valley - the result was not particularly interesting for anyone but the IT people). So: it will probably be interesting to watch the film even to those who are not interested in computers at all and do not sit on social networks (in fact, Fincher himself does not sit in them). First, this film is not about computers, but about people; Facebook itself appears on the screen for only seconds. Secondly, although the entire film consists of some dialogues, and there is no direct action and the action takes place in standard interiors, the screenwriter Aaron Sorkin has made these dialogues such that nothing more is needed: the action and everything else is contained directly in them. It turned out a very convincing confirmation that the IT-world consists not only of picking in the code, and the dramas here are played no less large-scale than in rock and roll.

Well, the protagonist is wonderful - Jesse Eisenberg was already known for “Zombilend” and “Adventureland”, but there he looked like only one of a number of young actors like Shiai LaBeffe, and here turned out an extremely impressive Nerdovsky image, no less colorful than Sheldon Cooper, but not so comical and more realistic. I don’t know if Zuckerberg really is like that - but it has been played so convincingly that in the mass consciousness he will now remain that way, even if he tries to refute it.

The result is a great movie for those interested in Facebook / Zuckerberg, and just for the audience. Viewers agree with this: the other day in the world box office, where the film was released on October 1, charges surpassed 100 million abroad, for a movie without superstars starring (except for Facebook superstar) is cool. Well, if for the whole world this is a film about what they already know well, then in Russia, thanks to him, many people can find out about Facebook for the first time - it will also be pleasant. In general, I entered the cinema from the communicator on facebook.com/thesocialnetwork and clicked on the corresponding button:

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