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The most "human" robot in the world

Actroid F, the most humanoid robot in the world, was introduced to the world at the AIST Lab Fair. The presentation of the android took place with the participation of the operator, who asked him the tasks and commands. At the same time, Actroid-F imitated the operator’s mimicry taken on camera.

For 5 years, Japanese companies Kokoro Co. Ltd. and ATR worked on the creation of a humanoid robot, most similar to humans.
The robot is conceived as an assistant in the performance of the functions of a nurse or junior level and can be used in hospitals and other places where the robot is required to engage in dialogue with a person. The model is able to move the eyes, open and close the mouth, tilt its head, nod, smile, imitate breathing, and bend down.
In fact, the model is a budget version of the Actroid DER3, which can be bought (the DER-series is only rented). The difference between the models is that in the F series, three quarters of the points of freedom were removed in parallel with a number of optimization modifications.

I express my deep gratitude to Vokabre for help in editing the article.

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