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Motiventschur 2010, a startup for the week

Friends, do not pass by! Registration of participants in the experimental startup competition “Motiventsur 2010” begins. Recently, many such events have been divorced, but this one is very different in spirit from its peers. On the results of last year's Motivure and the features of the upcoming - under habrakatom.

The main idea of ​​the project is “motivation to invest in yourself”. In order to make an interesting business, an investor is not only unnecessary, but often harmful: instead of active development, comfortable use of funds begins. The basic principles of Motivur:
- free and free participation
- openness
- focus on results
- experiment

Therefore, the competition will be held simultaneously in the LJ community community.livejournal.com/motiventure and in the group “Vkontakte” vkontakte.ru/club21003910 although it would be possible to set up Livestreet or Wordpress, for example.

Last year, participation was conditional-paid (any amount is more than a ruble) and based on a blog in a subdomain. This turned out to be inconvenient, and part of the communication took place by personal messages on Habré. By the way, if there was an opportunity to make “podkhabr” by analogy with “podleprami”, this would be the best option for such clubs / communities / events.
The idea of ​​collecting participation fees for the preparation of the prize fund was not very good, less than 20 rubles were raised. Therefore, this year the prize will be general and not monetary: body painting, advertising of projects on a semi-naked model (one or several).

Now about the differences of Motenchur from similar projects:
1. Unlike contests (like www.web-ready.ru ), the goal is not competition, and certainly not a battle, but mutual assistance and gaining experience in team development.
2. Unlike other events “Startup for ...” (like Startup Weekend) there is more freedom: there is a broader time frame and there is no reference to the city. Motivence is an online event that lasts two to three weeks in time, which gives anyone the opportunity to participate. Also there is no compulsory choice by voting of one project for all.
3. Less pathos: you can create a startup of any scale - no one will criticize the financial attractiveness of ideas, everyone develops a business for themselves. Investors are not interested in business plans with a projected profit of 50 kilobaksov per year - for them it is a trifle.

We invite both authors of ideas and just those who want to gain experience in the development of start-ups, join the LJ community and / or the “VKontakte” group .

Event plan: community.livejournal.com/motiventure/2181.html
Project website: motiventure.ru

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107155/

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