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Data recovery. Determining the level of qualification of the complexity of the work

In continuation of the article “Data Recovery. Qualifications and companies.

To determine the qualifications of the company, it is enough to pay attention to the complexity of the work in which it is engaged. We will try to determine this list as the complexity increases.

Work difficulty levels:

1. Logical recovery. Delete, format.
The media is healthy, the logical structure is whole, the data is deleted.
The easiest case. For example, you deleted files or folders. Do not worry, there are many programs for data recovery, as well as many companies that use them. You can restore your data yourself, only IMPORTANT !: disconnect the disk with the lost data and connect it to another computer and restore it to another media there. ONLY NOT ON THE PATIENT!

2. Logical recovery.
The media is OK, the logical structure is destroyed, there are no partitions.
The situation is similar to the first option, only in this case, the failure could occur due to improper power off, or incorrect operation of programs. But IMPORTANT !: such data loss may be associated with defects, and in this case you will not be able to get (copy the data that were defective) the data using programs. If this happens, then it is better not to finish the disk. IMPORTANT !: do not use utilities and programs that "repair" your disk (if you do not know how they work, first check on an unnecessary disk), they can DELETE DATA ON YOUR DISC, checking the surface for defects (this is not cured).

3. The media is defective - hard drive.
Not determined by BIOS.
If the disk is not detected, then it is better to take it to a company that professionally deals with this. Attempting to rearrange the controller will not lead to anything in most cases, but there is a chance that YOU WILL DEMAND THE SERVICE. IMPORTANT !: IN NO EVENT DO NOT OPEN THE HERMOZONE.

4. The media is defective - hard drive. Hermosis she
Wedge spindle, defective BMG switch.
This and all subsequent clauses require the participation of a specialist, qualifications and appropriate equipment. Perform such a recovery itself will not succeed.

5. The carrier is not detected - flash cards + SSD
Does not appear in the operating system or other devices

6. RAID arrays. Logical, physical damage.
Drives are not detected by the controller, they are determined but the data is not visible.

7. Recovery from non-standard devices.
Recovery from the internal memory of cameras, digital recorders, video surveillance, other non-standard devices

8. Expert work.
Conducting technical expertise related to data collectors, including analysis of data and device states.

9. Development and sale.
Development and sale of recovery tools and equipment.

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