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The book by Charles Petzold “Programming Windows Phone 7” is available for download.


As promised earlier, the book by renowned technical book author Charles Petzold Programming Windows Phone 7 is available for free download . The book is presented in .pdf format, its size is 38.6 megabytes. In addition, the link is available and source codes from the book.

This book tells in detail about the new Windows Phone 7 platform and the development of applications for it using Silverlight and XNA technologies. The book is very large and contains more than 1,000 pages divided into 24 chapters.
While the book is available only in English. However, the Russian branch of Microsoft has already begun work on its translation for Russian-speaking developers. Back in September, the translation of the first 6 chapters of this book was available; you can download it here . Let's hope that soon all the thousand-page publication will be translated into Russian.
UPD: the book on the link was updated due to an error in the layout, which did not allow copying the text.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107148/

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