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Leipzig court equates PC to radio

As it turned out, not only domestic figures, who even came up with empty blanks, could collect taxes to collect taxes for no reason. There are similar laws and people who write these laws in Western countries, for example, in Germany. So, the Federal Administrative Court of Leipzig does not see the difference between a radio receiver and a computer connected to the Network. This court ruled that all owners of such PCs, which have access to the Network, must pay tax of 5.76 euros per month. The same amount is paid by those who have a radio point in the house.

Interestingly, there are not so many people dissatisfied with this state of affairs - only a few people turned to the court who did not want to pay the tax because they did not use the above mentioned opportunity to listen to the radio on the Net. But the court did not recognize the plaintiffs' right, obliging them to pay, like all the rest. The fact is that according to the judge, everything that allows you to listen to radio broadcasts is a radio receiver (well, not in the direct sense of the radio receiver, but simply such devices automatically belong to the law on radio collections).

True, the tax on the owners of computers connected to the Network is charged only if there is no longer a radio or TV in the house. The tax then goes to pay for the social and legal media in Germany - everything is quite transparent. Although, on the other hand, what prevents to register your own media of this kind and receive deductions? But let's leave these arguments to those who understand German law.
There is a separate organization for collecting taxes from radio owners in Germany. It is worth noting that the amount of tax for TV owners reaches 17.98 euros - I wonder what compatriots would say if they imposed a similar tax in the CIS countries? For those who have a radio, a smaller tax is 5.76 euros. Three years ago, the concept of "radio" also came across wireless devices of various kinds, including a cell phone.

Representatives of the tax authority have the right to check the presence of all these devices, but only if the owner of the apartment agrees to let the representative of the tax authority into the house to calculate the number of radio receivers, TV, computers and other equipment.

In general, quite an interesting tax - it would be informative to hear about it from those who live in Germany. Is this the case in reality?

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