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Glue it on. Sticking friends, friends and bosses

I want to present a small but fun service. I’ll say right away that it’s not worth looking for new technical solutions or ingenious economic models in it. To be honest, we on the contrary bring you back to forgotten things off the net, and that's all for free.

Literally the other day, “A day without paper” was celebrated, and today we offer you to lime it with a half-pack, plus drastically empty the printer.


It's simple - you upload a photo of a friend, in the photo settings, select the face area. And then you choose the shape of the paper dummy and its design. All this business is printed on the government-owned office printer (we observe the rule “all for free” ). And then we recall the lessons of labor in the 1st grade. Cut out the resulting layout, and glue the paper dummy. And we give it ...

What will happen next - envy completely from you, your sense of humor and others. As an option, in response, tomorrow you will see on your desk a whole army of the same products but already related to you.

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Tip # 1:
Printer paper is thin, it is not so easy to work with. Fold places are better to push through the ruler with a blunt hard object (you can use the reverse side of scissors). And even more convenient to cut with a stationery knife, also on the line.

Tip # 2:
Twice, no, think three times before creating a ghoul with the face of your boss. The authors of the service are not sure that they will help you solve the issue of new work (they almost lost their own during its creation). Although, it may turn out that you will be obliged to cut out all the entire customer base in the form of bloodsuckers. In general, think!

Tip: # 3:
But the girls might like it. In general, if everyone together praises the designer and programmer Skley-ki, they will be inspired and will make about a dozen different designs and forms of dummy. And finally, complete the ability to save the layout to a file and correct a couple of “bugs”.

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Now we are registered as an application for Vkontakte “Skley-ka”
But soon we will be in My World, etc. Given the simplicity of the application, and the totalitarian habits of network administrators who prohibit social networks in the workplace, there will most likely be a separate site.


First, of course, expand the choice of design and forms of cuttings. A lot of design and layout!
In the process of criticism was added: Be sure to have a separate site, solve the problem with firefox.
If the application receives a response among visitors, we will probably give the opportunity to lay out your design under your name to third-party designers (we do not mind).

A few words about the authors:
Idea and design: lasto4kin
Criticism and technical issues: avchizh

Thanks for any feedback, comments and suggestions!

PS I almost forgot, Helluin, with a holiday!

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