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We use comments for different purposes.

Today we will discuss possible options for using the powerful functionality of the comments module (available starting with the Standard tariff). This functionality has long been available in our constructor , however, it is clear that far from users know what it opens up possibilities. Please note that all of these methods allow you to specify any number of fields and of any types:

1. Multiple feedback forms

If on one site you need to implement more than one feedback form with different fields, you can bypass the restriction of the contact module through the comment module. The recipe is simple - create as many comment forms as you need. In the options you need to put a confirmation of sending to e-mail. In the templates of those pages that will contain forms add the appropriate tags to the form of comments. Tags to display comments we do not need.
For example: {% CommentsAddForm form1%}

2. Question - Answer Section

It's simple: people ask a question through the form, the admin either answers them, anyway removes inadequate. The answer is better to make a tree.

3. Product Discussion / User Reviews

Oddly enough, this is the most typical way to use comments. Here it is possible to enable the options: anti-spam, tree, pre-moderation. By inserting the tag {% CommentsAddForm comment_form1%} into the template once, each page will display its own comments on each page.

4. Reviews

This path is similar to paragraph 2, with the only difference that it is not possible to respond to a message in the thread and reviews get to the page after moderation.

Perhaps someone will come up with some other options.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107124/

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