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Black Friday of William Gates Third

The morning of October 29 began for William Gates in the most pleasant way. My head ached a bit after yesterday's party, but despite this, the mood was just wonderful. Ballmer had just called: Microsoft shares rose five points at once!

Rubbing his hands together, Gates went to the computer and opened the mail. New posts were much more than usual. However, is it really surprising if you are fantastically rich, and on the eve you celebrated your birthday? “Definitely,” he said to himself with a certain degree of sadness, “money will not bring you new friends, but will multiply the number of people who want to appear to them.”

Taking a sip of coffee from a large mug, Bill ran his eyes over the headers of the letters. Congratulations, greetings, greetings ... He couldn’t remember half the names. Congratulations, invitations, suggestions again, congratulations again - so what is this? Gates opened the letter, and a smile slowly faded from his face as he began to read.
Gently walking barefoot on the carpet, Melinda entered the room.
- Billy, you're so pale! What happened?
- I can not belive it! - Gates shook his head, and it seemed that he was about to cry. “These Russians, they, they ...”
- Calm down, dear! Whatever these terrible Russians do, it is not worth such an experience!
- Take it easy? But dear, I can not calm down! That's just terrible! Everything is lost!
Melinda understood from the breaking voice of her husband: he is not joking.
- Bill, you're scaring me! Answer, what's the matter?
“I don’t know how to tell you about it, honey.” In general, they leaked me a rating on Habré.
Melinda’s face went pale.

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