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Oracle: "Google directly copied our Java code"

Oracle has updated the lawsuit against Google and now accuses the plaintiff of having “directly copied Oracle-owned Java code for its Android operating system.”

An unexpected legal action was filed in August. The subject of the dispute was originally software patents and intellectual property, which Oracle acquired with Sun. These accusations remained, but now the complaints are more concrete.

Oracle even provided copies of the copied code. According to her estimates, "about a third of the Android API packages " are "derived from Oracle's copyright-protected Java API packages." Copyright is violated “with respect to classes, definitions, organization and names of Java methods and parameters; the structure, organization, and content of the Java class libraries; content and organization of Java documentation. ”

"At least in several cases, the Android computer program code was also directly copied from the copyrighted code of Oracle America."


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107120/

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