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Printing a pdf document booklet

In the process of preparing the dissertation thesis, I found that okular is not able to print a pdf booklet, that is, re-sorting the pages to get booklets of size A5. All that I found on this issue was to use the psbook and psnup utilities, which did not suit me due to the fact that I had to overtake the pdf in ps. For some reason, as a result of this conversion, a ps file with a size of 50 megabytes was obtained and it did not suit me.

But I found a great package for LaTeX called pdfpages . With it, you can insert pages in a technical document from third-party pdf files by converting them in every way. I created another tech file with very simple content:

 \ documentclass [letterpaper, 11pt] {article}
 \ pagestyle {plain}
 \ usepackage {pdfpages}
 \ usepackage [a4paper, nohead, includefoot, mag = 1000] {geometry}
 \ begin {document}
  \ includepdf [pages = {-}, signature = 24, landscape] {autoref}
 \ end {document}

When compiling, this file takes pages from the autoref.pdf file, re-sorts them as needed and puts 2 per page. Having added one line to the Makefile, I immediately get the finished pdf, you can easily print on both sides (on the long side) and get the treasured book.

It should be noted that in this way any pdf file, not necessarily generated by pdftex, can be turned into a booklet.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107118/

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