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Museum of 3D printing and rapid prototyping in Barcelona

Most recently, one of our employees, traveling through Spain, came across a museum in Barcelona dedicated to 3D printing technologies and rapid prototyping.

Barca materialize

He, like us, was extremely surprised by this discovery and decided to see the exposition and technologies that were presented in this museum. Along with classic 3D printing technologies, such as stereolithography (Stereolitography) and laser sintering technology (Selective Laser Sintering), the museum presented very interesting sand printers and even machines that work on cookies.

Barca materialize
The exhibition presented examples of generative 3D design. This is a fairly new direction in which rapid prototyping technologies are used. The peculiarity of this approach to design is the wide potential availability of the service via the Internet and the rejection of using 3D editor as the main design tool, which makes this method accessible to all users of the network.

In previous posts, we talked about how the 3D design of an individual object itself can be based on an algebraic formula. Generative 3D design is based on such solutions - the designer places the initial design on the server, and the user can edit the parameters of the original form, thereby generating a new design in real time using his Internet browser. The following picture shows examples of exactly these solutions:

Barca materialize

Along with very extraordinary solutions in rapid prototyping technologies, we were pleasantly surprised by the presence in the museum of the exhibits developed by our colleagues from .MGX .

Barca materialize

The rest of the photos from the museum dedicated to rapid prototyping technologies can be viewed directly in the Picasa Wick Gallery .

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