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First in the ranking of IT companies

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A bit of clean PR. I am glad to share with you the news about Ciklum - we won in the IT rating of 2010 companies on developers.org.ua (DOU), in the category “TOP5 among large companies (over 200 programmers)”. The methodology and details of the results are beautifully painted on the DOU website. Whoever has not heard about this resource is the Kiev guys who organized the industry portal for software developers in Ukraine. The site has been operating since 2005, and aims to help companies and developers better understand each other.

All participating companies are very pleased with the statistics and anonymous comments received. We now probably know that for programmers in Ukraine, the most important thing is salary and career growth, then the atmosphere of the company, the workplace and its Brand, and only then the location of the office and the social package.

For me, as an employee of the company, it was expected that Ciklum would be recognized as the best place to work in the IT field today. The conditions that are created here for work are much higher than the average statistical office in Ukraine. And this is not simply in the technical equipment of the office or in its fresh repair. It is very pleasing to people that there is no absence from the top — heads of departments and other ineffective management. Of course, this fact was obviously confirmed by the study; no less important for any specialist are the tasks that he has to face every day. No matter what the environment is, if work turns into a simple routine, you are unlikely to be inspired. In order to avoid such a situation, our company uses Agile methods aimed at revitalizing and increasing the productivity of the workflow.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107108/

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