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What do we do with the data center?

With this post, we want to tell you that HP started working in the field of designing and optimizing the engineering infrastructure of data centers in Russia. All stages of creating a data center from site selection to turnkey delivery are now included in the HP Critical Facilities Services (CFS) suite of services.

And let's start with why we called this post that way. This is a question that business leaders are increasingly asking themselves and their CIOs today, while the volumes of data being processed and transmitted are growing at an explosive pace.

The business data centers of enterprises, commercial data centers, and individual server rooms that have been built quite still recently, are beginning to demand attention to themselves. Somewhere there is not enough space to install additional equipment. Or there is free space, and the physical infrastructure of the building was originally organized incorrectly and, therefore, new racks were not brought in or taken out. In another place, there is enough equipment and electricity for it, but the cooling system does not cope.
The listing of possible situations can be continued for a very long time. But they all have one thing in common - when problems arise, they need to be solved the sooner the better. And at this moment, as a rule, comes the understanding that you can not cope with your own efforts. System administrators and operators have neither the skills nor the equipment to make a competent analysis of the use of available resources (for example, to create a thermal model of the data center) and to find ways to radically optimize their use. Not to mention the design of a new data center or server.

To anticipate such problems means to save a lot. And to do this with maximum efficiency, it is best to turn to professionals.

And if someone should come to mind here, then this is HP. HP manufactures and supplies absolutely all hardware, tools and software for deploying a data center of any scale and complexity. And to combine all this wealth and make it work together is the task of the specialists of Critical Facilities Services. They can survey buildings and sites, design architectural and engineering systems, and, finally, put the finished object into operation.

HP CFS collected experience worldwide. And its original methodology for analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of data centers is supported by following the advanced standards of design, construction and modernization of data centers. For example, the first Tier III data center in Russia (according to the Uptime Institute classification) for the Dataspace space provider was designed by HP. The project is planned to build several objects. The first, the largest, will be located in the center of Moscow, and the second in the near Moscow region. They will be commissioned in the first and third quarter of 2011, respectively. The area of ​​raised floors of the first object will be more than 5,000 m 2 , and the supplied power - 15 MW (with the possibility of expansion up to 24 MW). Cool, what do you think?

As a result, you can say that when you think about upgrading the physical infrastructure of your current data center or building a new one, you can turn to the same vendor whose equipment and technical support you have been using successfully for a long time. Or, to be sure, many of your partners and competitors enjoy it. From this point of view, the choice of HP as a provider of consulting and engineering services, in my opinion, seems the most logical.

Personally, it will be very interesting for me to follow the work of the CFS team in Russia. And I hope that in the future we will hear more than once about the projects that they will implement.

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