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Russia will take part in the World Battle of Startups

Anyone who comes up with his idea at Startup Weekend, which will be held in Kazan from November 19 to 21, will automatically become participants in the Global Startup Battle , in which entrepreneurs from all over the world will meet in an equal battle.


For two weekends, November 12-14 and November 19-21, as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week (Global Enterpreneurs Week) , the event called Startup Weekend will be held in 23 cities around the world. Teams from Athens and Washington, Tokyo and Miami, Sao Paulo and Beirut, Seattle and New York will compete for the title of the best startup in the world (as well as prizes, but who cares about prizes when there is a chance to become the king of startups?!?! ).

How will the battle go?
In each city during the weekend the teams will work on their projects as usual. At the end of the "Weekend" will be selected the winner in each city.
The winner will have exactly 24 hours to make a convincing video clip for 90 seconds and 15 words describing the essence of the project.
After that, all videos from all over the world will be posted on the Battle site . Everyone will vote for the videos (do not forget to drop the link to all your relatives - they promised to support all your undertakings!)

The winner will receive prizes, a reason to boast a whole year and in the appendage - a terrible responsibility: the best startup in the world, after all, will have to be brought to mind!

We invite to participate in Kazan "Weekend" (and, accordingly, in the World Battle of Startups) everyone from all cities of Russia, including both capitals.

Come up with an idea, assemble a team, consult an expert and conquer the world!

As soon as an idea appears (or maybe you even have a prototype?), Download the idea registration template , fill it in and send it to idea@glavstart.ru. If your application is accepted, it will appear on the projects page .

You can register for the event now on kazan.startupweekend.org

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107102/

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