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October 28 - International Paperless Day or how to mark World Paper Free Day

The International Association of Information Management Professionals, AIIM, declared October 28 as the World Paper Free Day , thus encouraging companies to pay more attention to paperless workflow technologies.

In Russia, the AIIM initiative supported the DOCFLOW project and invites everyone to participate in the action. Beginning the most worthy, and therefore the company ABBYY gladly joins the invitation.

It's no secret that the amount of information that we have to deal with on a daily basis is growing exponentially. Some studies say that in 2011 the volume of information flows will increase by 10 times compared with 2006. And most of the working papers in many companies, oddly enough, is still in paper format. And this is despite the obvious advantages of switching to electronic document management and the help that can be provided to the environment by simply pressing the print key less often (especially throughout the organization).
International Day without paper should be another reason to think about the need to increase paper flows, when there is a mass of technologies that allow them to be reduced.

On a Paperless Day, DOCFLOW announces a competition of initiatives to reduce paper consumption in companies!
Conditions can be found here.

And how many times have you managed to come to the printer today?

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