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Announcement: "Autumn GeekFest"

On November 5, the conference of software developers Autumn GeekFest will be held in Irkutsk. The event will be held in the auditorium of the Institute of Energy Systems them. L.A. Melentyeva SB RAS.
Registration will take place before the conference on November 5th at 12 o'clock Participation in the conference is free. Pre-registration is not required. The number of seats is limited by the size of the hall +), last time the seats were in short supply.

The conference is held with the support of the Delovaya Network-Irkutsk and ISPsystem companies . Among the friends of the conference, Oracle , Megaplan and ISEM SB RAS are also noted. The information sponsor is the Irkutsk city site IRK.ru.

Conference program

  1. Registration (12:00)
  2. Flash ... TODAY !? - Alexander Batsuev.
  3. Prospects for the development of Java technology - Alexander Belokrylov.
  4. Cluster technologies in hosting - Evgeny Lepikhin.
  5. Runway for Django - Evgeny Chuikov.
  6. 25 black - Anton Chernousov.
  7. Coffee break (15:30)
  8. Electronic payment systems: from acquaintance to implementation in projects - Anton Paymyshev.
  9. Ruby, python, php. Search silver bullets and high loads - Evgeny Potapov.
  10. Theory and practice of outsourcing and freelancing - Vlad Gerasimov.
  11. When one is better than two. Hotspot - best forever - Alexander Belokrylov.
  12. Closing (18:30)


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