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And again in the ring of Google vs Microsoft- welcome thunderous applause !!!

And again the same on the arena!
On the IT ring is a new fight for the belt of the world IT champion in heavy weight.

In April of this year, the ex -champion of the IT world in heavyweight Microsoft threw a "challenge" (appeal to the Justice Department of the US Federal Trade Commission to thoroughly investigate the acquisition of Google's online advertising banner network DoubleClick) to the main contender for the global IT belt in champ google.

On such an attempt to knock out (according to compulenta.ru ), Google responded with a retaliatory strike by filing a complaint with federal and state authorities and this week a group of prosecutors general will decide whether a lawsuit will be initiated against Microsoft, imputed to anti-competitive behavior. As it turned out, a few days ago, Google turned to federal and state authorities with complaints, according to CNN Money. The search giant said that the new Windows Vista OS is hindering Microsoft’s competitor business, and this violates the antitrust agreement concluded by the corporation with the US government in 2002. According to a Google complaint, Vista prevents PC users from using tools to find information on their computer’s local storage.
At the moment, a group of attorneys general from several US states is thinking about how to respond to a Google complaint. They have already discussed this incident with Microsoft itself and the US Department of Justice. Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal admits that lawsuits will be filed against Microsoft. However, on Sunday, the New York Times reported that federal authorities advise prosecutors not to start a lawsuit. Official note with the recommendation of the officials received from Thomas Barnett, Assistant Secretary of Justice of the United States. Blumenthal also received this message, but declined to comment, indicating confidentiality as the main reason. And representatives of the Ministry of Justice are still silent about the fact of sending Barnett's letter.

But it is clear that between the giants of the IT market begins a new fight. It is possible that Google complained to Microsoft in response to a recent corporation statement. Takeover of the advertising network DoubleClick planned Microsoft, but Google bypassed the corporation, offering a large amount of $ 3.1 billion US. Now Microsoft is concerned that the merger of two major players in the online advertising market will create a monopoly and damage healthy competition. Microsoft also fears that Google and DoubleClick will be able to collect a huge base of personal information about users and begin to use it in order to gain an advantage over competitors, and then for some unknown reason ...

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