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RMA-Silicon Trip. Microsoft office

So, the next office that the visitors to the members of the delegation of the RMA innovation educational project was the Microsoft office! Many consider this place as the birthplace of modern innovation, many as the residence of evil. And we had to see the Microsoft office from the inside and find out who is right.


The first feeling of the Microsoft office is the feeling that you got to the museum. Everything is very quiet, people speak in a whisper, there are guards at the walls. By the way, the only Native American (in the sense of an Indian) of which we
met for the whole trip was a guard in Microsoft.

Unlike Google’s fan offices - Facebook - Microsoft’s Yahoo office is very stiff and traditional. Here you will not see programmers laughing loudly lounging on bin-begs or managers going around the office on skates. All refined and calm.

Of all the companies we have visited, Microsoft is most obsessed with its products. There was no talk about the future of the industry, who love Google, talk about the development of mobile platforms (Facebook), stories about the environment (Yahoo). Only the specifications of their products.


Microsoft pays a lot of attention (perhaps even key) to working with young Internet startups. For this, Microsoft is looking for promising projects all over the world, for which, in particular, it regularly participates in special events (in Russia, for example, Start in Garage and Harvest). In addition, according to Microsoft representatives in Russia, 11 innovative laboratories have been specially created.

According to Microsoft, their task is to find Tretyakov in the field of IT. Found projects Microsoft provides comprehensive assistance - provides for the use of its software, conducts training programs, in particular to find investors.


Microsoft considers Bing as one of its most important products. Today, the Bing engine works, in particular, Yahoo! refused to support their own search engine. Bing contains a number of innovative technologies, but today, it is just beginning to gain popularity.

Remarkable fan shop at Microsoft. First of all, original prints on T-shirts, for example, “Windows 7 was my idea!”. Licensed Microsoft software in the store is simply incredibly cheap. However, you can buy it only with a US passport.

And as a fly in the fly, in the description of a visit to Microsoft, it should be noted that souvenirs purchased were unpleasantly surprised by poor quality. Paint comes off T-shirts, pens do not write well, thermos mugs pour coffee.

So, to summarize, we can say: Microsoft demonstrates that the modern business of Silicon Valley can be not only funky, but also strictly conservative.

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