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iDOS - DosBox Emulator for iPad and iPhone

Irreversibly sunk into oblivion pure DOS'a, sung in the songs , and with it an entire era. With all its many flaws, DOS had one big advantage - an entire army of users, and, of course, a lot of all sorts of toys, applications and utilities.
Sometimes you really want to go back to the past and remember how it was. And for this you don’t have to torture your computer at all - you can use an emulator or a virtual machine. But what if you want to play good old Gobliins or Wolfenstein on the road?

Various DOS emulators exist for many mobile platforms. Offhand, I can remember my attempts to run PocketDOS on various WinMobile devices, which only 80186-th processor supported without dancing with a tambourine, and Bochs, which I still couldn’t feel. In any case, until now, mobile devices lacked potentially two things to fully work with DOS: a large screen (for normal operation with a QWERTY-keyboard) and processor power to emulate x86 architecture.

And suddenly I had an iPad with a high-quality 10 "screen and quite a nimble processor. And the rules for placing applications in the AppStore are softer, which allowed a large number of good things to get there. Among them was the iDos emulator (clickable):

iDOS on iPad iDOS on iPad iDOS on iPad
In fact, this is a regular DosBox with a beautiful and user-friendly interface. Even the keyboard is beautiful and supports multi-touch. At the moment I have launched without any problems:

- Volkov Commander and keyrus crack
- Windows 3.1
- A few old toys, including my favorite Gobliins, as well as Warcraft II O_o

Yes it works great! I think if you make some optimization, you can achieve good performance, but in general it does not slow down. As far as I can judge by the sensations, the bottleneck is the work of applications that actively use graphics.

Files are downloaded from iTunes, DosBox has a built-in unzip utility, which greatly simplifies downloading files: you can compress all the necessary files, download the archive to the device, and unpack it there.

Now about the sad: the question naturally arises, how could such an application have been allowed into the store? After all, it makes it absolutely easy to get access to the file system of the device (nothing can be done with it, but the fact itself is the place to be). Anyway, Steve was supposed to bricks from this .

It is obvious that the moderators did not check the application seriously enough, which allowed him to hold out for almost a whole day in the AppStore. At the moment, unfortunately, the only possible way to plunge into the past is jailbreak (ipa-file can be easily asked from Google or Installous).

If you have questions, I will be glad to answer in the comments.

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