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Sencha Animator - a tool for creating animation using CSS and HTML

While Adobe is announcing the Edge prototype tool , Sencha is launching a trial release of Sencha Animator, a dextup animation application for everything that supports HTML5. According to the creators, the creation of such a tool is caused by Apple’s claim to exclude Flash from their iOS, which results in writing a bunch of lines of code to create animation through CSS3. Therefore, they offer to start to see the demo , and then download and use the animator itself.

How it all works

Sencha Animator allows you to simply scatter objects on the stage, specify their properties and set the model of their movement (which is very similar to working with flash). You can move objects, resize them, rotate them, in general, play with them to the fullest. Also using CSS3, you can set gradients, shadows and other effects, and all this is quick and easy. The result of the work will be generated and most importantly optimized code that can work with any JavaScript library, and not just with Sencha.

Animation and CSS3 Ads

There are now two versions of Sencha Animator — Standard Edition and Ad Builder Edition. Standard Edition (exactly the one that was released in preview) includes functionality for creating animation. But Ad Builder Edition, as the name suggests, will be designed to create commercials, for which the standard edition is not suitable. It is not clear what the guys wanted to say, so who is interested in this topic, they can contact them directly - they promise to give private access to the beta version of this product.

How much will it cost

The price will be the same as for ordinary design tools - from $ 100.
What will happen next

Now the version is very well reviewed, so you shouldn’t expect anything incredible from it. Extensive testing will now begin, so many fixes and innovations are expected, such as those related to usability of the tool. And of course, in the final version, just add a lot of new functionality, as well as the ability to integrate with Sencha Designer and Sencha Touch. In addition, active work is underway to support non-Webkit browsers so that the generated code can work there.

And something else...

Sencha Animator is of course written in Ext JS, so it is cross-platform, which is really great.

via Sencha Blog

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