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Personal Finance

I do not remember when exactly, it seems the spring here slipped the topic about the accounting of personal finances. It was then that I thought that it would be necessary to share my own, but all the seriousness to the design of Habratopik scared me, and so I decided.

I had my own system at the time when I began to earn better than many of my peers, but the money was disappearing all the time. To understand where - I had to think a little and, taking as a basis several other systems (and the life ballance organizer), create an Excel file.

The main principle is visibility. Due to the fact that all costs are divided into topics and there are charts - you can always appreciate what takes the most money. And, if you don’t like such a balance, start correcting it on the fly, redistributing expenses.

( Download the table in .xls, 203.5 KB )
So, the table consists of several blocks.
№1 - this is actually the main cost accounting, broken down by category. Categories, so to speak, from my past, now I would change them a little. You can add comments with details to the amounts. There are totals by day, expense and total. Chart 1 is bound to 1d diagram.

Number 2 is a detailed transcript of one of the categories. It so happened that at that time about 40% of my income was spent on vacation and I wanted to consider this category in more detail. Chart 2d is attached to the table.

№3 is a block where you can see how much money is left (delta), as well as “postpone” (register with your hands) in a piggy bank. The amount indicated in the "piggy bank" will not be taken into account for the remaining calculations and go on to the next month. The total amount in the bank can be viewed on the "annual" page.

No. 4 is the block needed to calculate the "limit per day", it marks the estimated date of the next income. The limit per day is calculated by simply dividing the remaining amount by the number of days until the next income. The tool is very primitive, but at one time it helped me to save: it was very interesting to watch how the limit grows per day (and there is an opportunity to “cheer”). Thanks to this, the habit of saving was developed.

No. 5 is a block for fixing debts (I am very forgetful).

I must say that I myself use this table as a temporary “medicine” when I completely lose control over expenses. It helps to equalize expenses, as well as save some necessary amount.

I will be glad to any ideas on improvement, as well as ideas on the addition of "budgeting".

The topic's author is a habrayuzer tanoshii , who could not publish it on this blog for all known reasons. So if you like the topic, I think you know what to do;)

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