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Microsoft's main conference starts today - PDC10

As you know, in the development industry there is a fairly large number of conferences that occur with enviable regularity. Nevertheless, every large company has its own event, which shows the latest achievements and introduces new products.

Undoubtedly, for Microsoft, this is the PDC conference, which has been going on for many years and opening entire epochs for developers on its platform: .NET, Windows 7, Windows Azure, and more. This year, for the first time, the PDC will be held “at home” by Microsoft - in the city of Redmond. Within two days all reports for developers will be available live and recorded online. The conference opening will take place on October 28 at 20:00 Moscow time with the participation of CEO Steve Ballmer and Server and Tools Division President Bob Magley.

On the PDC website, you can view a grid of reports - the main topics of the conference will be the Windows Azure cloud platform, the Windows Phone 7 mobile platform, the future of the C # programming languages, Visual Basic, F #, and also HTML5 and Internet Explorer 9.

A separate track will be live with the heads of areas within the Channel9 project.
By the way, in Moscow tonight there will be a special event “ I was @ PDC ” with a live broadcast of the conference. To him, we recorded a small video tour of the Microsoft Campus - I'll post it in a few days (a couple of funny shots from there below :)


I hope PDC will bring us a lot of good news again!

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