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Unauthorized access to Facebook and Twitter accounts via open WiFi networks

Engineer Eric Butler has developed an application for the Firefox browser that allows you to access the personal information of social network users while accessing them via open Wi-Fi networks.

Eric laid out the application for free download on his website .

Firesheep substitutes cookies, which makes it easy to read the personal correspondence of other people who used unencrypted wi-fi.
During the first day, the Butler application downloaded over 100 thousand “beginner hackers”. Taking into account the wide functionality of Firesheep, you can receive confidential data from many sites such as Amazon, Google, Flickr, Facebook. Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, and many others. It is quite possible that Firesheep have already been able to configure and to “receive” data from Vkontakte - the source code of the application Butler also put in free access.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107061/

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