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A beta version of the updated webmail client from Yahoo!


Yesterday, Yahoo! introduced Yahoo Mail Beta - a thoroughly redesigned email client. When the development of the service had just begun, the developers decided that the speed of work, both loading and interaction with interface elements, would become the cornerstone. By the way, the interface also had to become elegant, stylish and intuitive to the user. And given the proliferation of mobile gadgets, the service should have been made available to users of mobile devices. Let's see what happened in the end:

The developers did not sit in the last century, and began to use modern technology. CSS3 and YUI 3 (Yahoo! User Interface Library - an open CSS3 and JavaScript library) were actively used to write the service. Thanks to competent optimization, a new client works 35% faster than the old one. Also, the developers have provided a platform for writing extensions that diversify the functionality of the mailer. At the disposal of the user and organizers, and built-in instant messengers, and other similar buns + unlimited storage. Also, users can link their Facebook / Twitter accounts with mail and read all updates directly from their inbox.
Do not forget the developers and about the now fashionable "cloud" technology. The new version of the mailer uses two main technologies:
one). Their own development, transferred to the Apache Foundation - Traffic Server, which thanks to caching can provide up to 25% faster access to Yahoo! clusters.
2). CDN
As for usability, the box itself is quite convenient to use (folders are traditionally placed in the left column, nice tabs on the top for access to settings and contacts), has some advanced spam and malware filter, allows you to create folders, work with several addresses and other functions , although the settings are not as complete as we would like.
Of the minuses can be noted a bit clumsy Russification and the inability to change the design of the box. We'll have to put up with a violet gamut.
We try!
Requirements - Internet Explorer ⩾8, Mozilla Firefox 3, Google Chrome 5, Apple Safari 4. Officially supported by Mac OS X, Windows. On Ubuntu, the service showed that, they say, they haven’t tested it yet, but it still started up.

For users of communicators, there are a number of new solutions .


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