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IPromo Conference Report (September, Kiev)

Conference iPromo.com.ua: promoting your business online. Kiev, 2010 Last month, an iPromo conference was held in Kiev, and recently video recordings of reports were posted on the official website that will certainly interest Habra. My modest person was able to attend this very entertaining event, so I’ll tell you a little about it.

iPromo conference, Igor Ashmanov's speech on the flow for business owners
The conference is dedicated to the promotion of the Internet. It is focused primarily on two types of listeners:
1) Professionals in the field of online advertising management, SEO and Internet marketing in general.
2) Business owners, company executives and marketing departments

Accordingly, the event took place in two streams.
The larger hall was allocated for business owners, and in the smaller hall there were experts in all sorts of ways to promote the Internet. Moreover, the second hall was packed to capacity, I at first could not even find a place where I could land my fifth point.

Among the most famous personalities on the Internet (according to my subjective criteria), Igor Ashmanov (Ashmanov and partners), Alexander Olshansky (Imena.ua, MiroHost, ...), Dmitry Satin (UsabilityLab), Roman Kuzema ( Runner-Ukraine).


In his opening speech, Igor Ashmanov spoke about the socio-demographic situation of the Ukrainian Internet, its dynamics, the trend of globalization and automation, which can be dangerous for small SEO firms.

I constantly migrated between streams, choosing the most interesting reports for myself, and after the introductory word I decided to listen to Murad Rogozhnikov (Ideal), who told about what he was selling on the site. Nothing revolutionary new, but if you still plan to make a site that sells, be sure to go through its "13 principles of conversion" (see the presentation , scroll until you see boobs). I confirm the usefulness, the doctor prescribed to use as a kind of check-list for auditing own sites. Murad also has a fun hat, thanks to him.

Yuri Kushnerov compared the accuracy of web analytics systems with Google Analytics , Yandex.Metrica , LiveInternet and BigMir . According to him, the number of visitors to the site is best considered by Google Analytics, the number of page views is Yandex.Metrica, LiveInternet determines the most of all referring sites. Most sources of search engines are determined again by Yandex.Metrica. In general, the data is really a little different, and from all this I concluded that it is sometimes really useful to put multiple systems of statistics in parallel on the site. Specific figures in his presentation .

Next, I proceeded to the place of deployment of businessmen in order to listen to Konstantin Shurygin. He said that many SEO's comrades are passionately disliked. In short, a sign that we can get when the "smart and resourceful" undertakes:
What we wanted to getWhat we got
Number of visitorsAsian botnet
SalesSite hangs
VisibilityNon-target visitors
TOP 10Request Frequency = 0
ViewsServer overload

You will find funny things in the presentation , but not everyone can understand what it’s all about right away, it would be nice to hear the report itself. Therefore, we stamp here and watch the video.
It was one of the most delivering reports. Purely for general educational purposes, it was very interesting for me to get information about various technical tricks for which dishonest SEOs sin (for some reason, they don’t turn their language on “optimizers”).

Small amenities

After the Coffee Break, having satisfied my gastronomic needs with juice and wonderful cakes, I found a moment to rummage in a backpack, issued to me as to all listeners. There turned out to be many different magazines (HiTech with a DVD, Profile, Business, Internet Marketing Practice, Glavred, How to Start a Successful Internet Business), advertising booklets (Ashmanov’s brochure has a very strong design , and Promodo decided to take the number and stuff 4 pieces already), a stylish red notebook with yellowish paper, imena.ua mat the same as they were given out on the iForum (guys, well, for a change, could draw something new) the case turned out to be a cool Sz.Leqi handle branded by Ashmanov & Partners.

ipromo conference backpack

iPromo conference, the contents of the backpack

More reports

I had a choice between the sections “Increase in sales through the Internet” and “Practical methods and cases of website promotion”, I devoted my time to the latter.

iPromo conference
Roman Kuzema (director of Begun-Ukraine LLC) gave practical advice on contextual advertising. If you are just busy creating an advertising campaign, take a look at his presentation , you will surely find what can be improved.

Then Svyatoslav Slaboshpitsky (Ukraine and Ashmanov and partners) made a presentation “Promotion without budgets”. Emphasis was placed on the fact that sometimes it makes sense to undertake such a promotion, if you have a lot of free labor resources and no matter with orders, the chances of getting a very loyal client in the future are great. A concrete example of promotion was considered, which in the people of the uninitiated very clearly demonstrated how optimizers work. Even Svyatoslav persistently drew attention to the fact that the promotion of low-frequency requests is often more profitable. In general, I liked the report. His presentation is also quite possible to use as a check-list, if you decide to conquer search engines with your own hands.

Alexey Makarov (C-Format) told the audience his case about the multilingual promotion of the hotel in Kiev in the search engine Google. The information was specific and narrowly focused on promotion specialists, so your hero writing this report did not understand much. But I made some interesting figures for myself (for example, according to Alexey, the budget for promotion in TOP-5 is on average 1.3 times the budget for TOP-10). I also caught Alexey after the report and * a lamp in his eyes, a chair with handcuffs * interrogated about the tools he uses in his working life to automate work. Actually, I made a lot of interesting tools for myself that I have already started to get acquainted with, thanks to Alexey.

The section was completed by the report of Konstantin Leonovich (Sape.ru) “Practical recommendations on the distribution of budgets between search promotion tools”. Honestly, I would say that the report of Constantine had much more theoretical aspects than practical ones, but it was possible that they simply did not have time to get to practical ones, since the time for lunch suddenly crept up. Also Konstantin is an excellent speaker. Generally speaking, on average, speakers from the section for business owners somehow had more of an oratory, but Konstantin is an exception here.

iPromo conference, meal


In this section I will not linger too long, I can only say that everything was very tasty and beautiful, especially I liked the kebabs. But the decision to try all kinds of wines might have been erroneous, I miscalculated with the ratio of the properties of my metabolism and the volume of wine, so apparently the following reports were perceived by me as something peculiar.

Something I’m all about good and good about good, you know that I can’t live without notes of indignation: it was inconvenient to have a place to smoke, to exit from the Parus business center where the conference was held, it was somehow stomping far away, and the balcony had to either close from people like me, or put an urn / ashtray there.

And once again reports!

Having relaxed a bit after dinner, I listened with pleasure to the speech of Alexander Olshansky about brands, in which, by the way, he covered not only the 21st century, but also the whole history of the development of this phenomenon. “Brand is a promise,” said Alexander. A wonderful brand definition.

Roman Vilyavin (Promodo) presented a report of great practical value (at least for me). Previously, I did not even think about it: When choosing tools and advertising sites, it is very important to be guided by principles that are fundamentally dependent on whether the advertising campaign is focused directly on sales or on brand promotion in general.

iPromo:   ! Nayjest.
Then I deserted from the section on branding and new trends (I still really wanted to listen to the report of Denis Dovgopoly “Virus as a technology of advancement”, but I decided that it would be more useful for me to learn about the budget options for promoting online stores) Artem Gerashchenkova. Again, nothing fundamentally new was said, if you are a little versed in online promotion and usability, but the report is good because a huge number of online store owners, judging by what we see on the Internet, absolutely do not understand some basic principles, which Artem successfully collected in his report. If you are the owner of an online store - see the presentation of Artem, perhaps this will push you to some positive changes.


Thanks to Roman Ilyichev (GigaHost.ua), for inviting me to this interesting event.

I want to say a special thank you to the organizers of the conference, the very next day after the conference, who uploaded all the presentations to the site, and a little later the video recordings of the reports.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107053/

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