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Hosting provider Server4You

image On Habré more than once raised the issue of finding a suitable VPS hosting. Among other providers server4you.com was mentioned. It seemed to us one of the best in the price-quality ratio and it was decided to transfer our project to this hosting. The following describes the results of the transfer.

Short description

The company is located in Germany. It offers two types of hosting: VPS and Dedicated. On the website www.webhostingtalk.com about this company there are both positive and negative reviews. Who can be interesting to read. In our view, more positive feedback.
For our project, we chose the simplest tariff vSERVER PRO X4:

The cost of this tariff is $ 15 per month .
Terms for which you can rent a server: 1, 12 and 24 months.

Despite the fact that there is a period of 1 month, it should be borne in mind that they charge the bill semi-annually or annually. We ordered 1 month, but the bill came at $ 90. After that we changed the deadline to 12 months.

After registration, we received a call, confirmed registration, and a couple of hours later the server was provided. Thus you can get the server and without payment. For example, to test it. The invoice was issued later, four days later. If the invoice had not been paid, the server would have been disabled and the re-activation of this server would cost $ 25.

It is also worth noting that when choosing a 12 or 24 month period, the first 6 months are provided free of charge .

Payment was made using MasterCard from Alfa Bank.


Ping - 47ms:


Download speed - ~ 1MB / s:

The characteristics of the processor, disks and memory were measured using phoronix-test-suite: results .

During the use of hosting addressed in support twice. Answers came quickly enough, in 10-20 minutes. How support is responding to the emergency unfortunately (or fortunately) has not yet been verified.

Application installation

I will briefly describe the programs that were installed on the server. Perhaps someone will come in handy.

Let's hope that the hosting will not disappoint.
Thanks for attention.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107046/

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