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Attention crisis

Disclaimer: this article is the fruit of reflections and observations of oneself, colleagues, interlocutors, friends ... Surely, thoughts are commonplace and I am not the first to express them, but this means that the problem has matured.
In order not to repeat other speakers and introduce something of their own, I will try not only to hang the problem, but also to figure out ways to solve the problem.

So, the problem: the people of the new generation (computers, the Internet, mobile phones) cannot concentrate. Not a new thought, right? There are too many annoying factors, you will say and ... you will be right! But the problem does not diminish from this.

Let's try to highlight the main ones:
1. Mobile phone . We have lived so much with him that when we leave home without him we feel stripped, abandoned and defenseless. Mobile phone catches in the subway, in the mountains, in Karelia and Seliger. We are "all the time in touch" - cool! Total control
2. Internet . A breeding ground for minor irritants: messengers, mail, twitter, forums, blogs :) And anyway, in the internet there is so much interesting! And now all this diversity in general, all the time in your favorite device with a beautiful screen and pleasant to the touch - well, how can I refuse?

3. The Internet, as a source of unlimited information . Without the Internet, we would ask friends, professionals or read a book. Everything. And now it’s not enough to ask one and all if he / she knows about (...) in all possible ways of communication, look in Google, go to forums, grapple with languages, spend a lot of time and energy on ... a trifling problem!

Personally, I often delve into the study of a problem (for example, a spare part or a substitute for a car, a good doctor or time management methods) and often don’t notice what I’m looking for in search. I read for the sake of information as such, and not a signal to action. As a result, in my head a lot of unnecessary, contradictory information, which lies dead weight in the brain. It seems to us that what we are NOW doing is necessary and interesting. But it's not always the case

4. The main thing: your thoughts! They interfere the most. It seems to me that the brain cannot concentrate on the action being performed because there is a thought: what if there is something important (in the mail / ICQ / forum)? More important, not what you are doing now. And we teach our brain to do this. Constant tracking of heaps of sources of information (news, blogs, forums, etc. to the same). Tell me honestly: how important is it REALLY to find out who won the match Uruguay-Paraguay, what the user from KhRYUN answered the user P-arc in the cold weapon forum on the subject of love for pets and who was elected chairman of the board of trustees of Kako Bank? And what, it needs
find out right now?

Honestly, what I call a crisis of attention, which does not give to any object (work, family, client, parents, friends) for more than 5 minutes thoughtfully, and not “yes, dear, listen to you” leafing through the demotivator. ru, it seems to me a serious problem. Too serious to wave at her. I consider myself to be a transition group: I studied using paper textbooks, I wrote lectures with my hand. But I have been doing IT for the last 10 years. So even I, with respect to the old school, is not the stupidest person, I can not control myself! Sometimes, fulfilling the super-necessary and super-urgent task, my brain in 20-30 minutes starts to explode from the thoughts “what if there is something important ...”. Like a drug. And the thought is self-justifying "I have already worked hard, I have to switch, I need to be distracted ..."

I also noticed that the brain starts to panic especially when it starts to dive into the problem deeper than usual. As if he was scared, and suddenly he was distracted, and something would happen without him! Catastrophe! So a one-year-old baby wants to participate in everything, not really understanding what is happening there. Participate and that's it! What a concentration here. But the brain doesn’t care what it does: garbage or important information. If they shove it - it means it is necessary! So you need to figure it out. That understands. tensed ... in vain.

But not everything is so sad. Having caught myself on such a fine-surface behavior (as if you were doing something all day, there was fatigue, but no satisfaction and results) I began to struggle. With you in the first place.

What helps me personally (I do not pretend to universality):

1. Mobile phone, when it can interfere with business, I transfer to silent mode. It's easier for me. I kind of remind myself: it is not so important. When calling - see who. At the same time I keep the thought: "I just look." Sometimes I write down on a piece of paper, who called. I usually do not turn it off. And then they can start a little coming on any issue. And worry. And so it seems to be in touch, but not distracted. Do not "go out of the stream," as it is fashionable to say

2. The Internet is evil! Although he gives me almost all the earnings :) I turn on the messengers in case of emergency - they distract me very much with their annoying reminders. In the mail, I turned off the pop-up "You received a new letter ..." Everything is quite simple with it. I also caught myself on the fact that if I got into the Internet I had to look at something I needed, and in the browser it was openly unnecessary (now): twitter / forum / blog, etc. ... the hand itself stretches back there first "for a moment" ... These my “for a moment” often lead to complete disorientation, what I do, where I climbed ... This is the stuff I'm working on right now. Ideally, it would be to have 2 desktops: work and "not work". In the desktop, DO NOT allow yourself to open unnecessary. In the "non-working" to keep everything open. In the rest phase, just switch between desktops or just like in an IPHONE, hold the screen and “rewind” the screen :)
When I work with documents, talk on the phone or with someone who has come, I feel better if the laptop is shut at all, in hibernation - it will be too lazy to include it because of the little things. If the computer is stationary - I turn off the screen.

3. When searching for and studying a new subject, I try to set myself the criterion of “sufficiency”. For example, you need to buy a refrigerator. Initially, I do not know anything about them. I put the criteria: the price is not greater, the size within, the functions of such and such. Then in the internet I find a list of fit. Then I find a model that I like in the picture and in the description. Then I find the ACCEPTABLE price (not necessarily the lowest), I call to find out the availability and reality of the price, I order everything. I don’t climb to the forum, I’m not looking in all price categories (“oh, how cool it would be to have a nano-fridge with fur!”), I’m not looking for the BEST_IMPROVEL ... I try to remember that my time and my brain activity is worth the money. And they should be spent more optimally :)

4. Thoughts ... Here is the ambush. All time management technologies describe how to make things good ... The moment is lost: how to make yourself do it. Now. In the GTD technology (there are many articles about it in Habré, I will not duplicate it), the technology of “unloading the brain” is well described by throwing thoughts and thoughts on paper. The trouble that he noticed for himself: a holy place is never empty. Here I took all the “incomplete cycles” out of the brain (something that constantly distracts the brain, although nothing can be done with it now), but other small thoughts took their place ...

He came to a simple thing by practical consideration: it is better not to think about anything than to keep the brain busy with trifles (who won, what he said, what is the political situation in transdniestria). All this is informational noise. How hard it is to hear "AU" with the noise of the wind, so hard to catch your real, maybe ingenious, thoughts at the noise in your head. Only by freeing the head from informational “fragments” does the sense of understanding sometimes begin to visit. What kind of enlightenment of consciousness, when problems are solved simply and elegantly and the brain does not explode from the abundance of problems. Admit it, how long can you sit in silence and loneliness CALM, without haste, not trying to take the attention and the brain of a “female novel” on any topic? The experiment on myself showed me - 3-5 minutes ... Then the brain starts to panic: "an unusual situation, I am not busy, the information does not come, I probably died!"

I wish everyone to slow down their brains, reduce the percentage of downloads of our unfortunate CPU by consciously reducing pieces of information. Networkers know how difficult it is to process packet fragments, especially if they are not needed :)

Threat A little about myself: I don’t watch TV, I listen to the radio for music, I only hear the most important news (they are told to me :)), recently I lost my temper in the conferences (I only have a conf and a blog on my anticisco.ru), I’m working on 5 projects on the main work, I lead several clients, I develop an online training game, I grow 3 children and try to catch the feeling “here and now”.

I wish everyone to live and enjoy here and now!
Sergey Fedorov

ZZY If you have something to add about the methods - thirst! I recently entered into an unequal battle with myself - still plowing and plowing!

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