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Register on icq.com or how to find out your UIN?

As soon as 2-3 weeks on icq.com, the process of registering a new UIN has changed somewhat. If earlier, upon completion of registration, a letter was sent to the specified e-mail address in which it was possible to recognize the UIN, now everything has changed a little.
I go to www.icq.com/register and what I see .
The usual form to fill in the data. Name, surname, mailing address, password, date of birth and captcha. By the way, I’ll note that it will be possible to register only if all data is entered, and the password will contain not only Latin letters, but at least one number.
So, all the data entered, received a letter to the box, but the numbers - no!
Well, if your computer is on Windows, it’s not a problem to find out your number. You can go to the official client, and after a minute the cherished tsiferki known. And what about linux users?
But all is not lost - just log in to the site. On the profile page is written your number. Or, you can look at the browser line, where there should be a link like www.icq.com/people ********* / (instead of asterisks there will be the desired uin).

Ps. In qutim you can not enter soap instead of numbers, in qip you can.


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