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Re: The story of one copyist. Russia is important every

Good day to all.
After reading the topic, I felt sad and offended for such carelessness.
Of course, the facts described in the article took place, but not all and not in such a volume.

Well, I will tell in order. The most important thing is about the protection of forms and their anonymization, but more on that at the end, somewhere after the habrakat.
UPD: I added some information to the post.

October 8-9 - training.

At the institute, we were given instructions for temporary census workers, sample forms, and tests (to verify the mastery of the material).
And then they turned on the film, the graphics of which makes them smile in some places, but their task is fulfilled, the content: several instructions were very intelligibly read the instructions.

11-13 paperwork.

they filled out the contract, had to run for form number 36, the savings bank nakosyachil and gave the whole institute (300+ people) a “brand is not that”.
14+ - census.

We were immediately delivered an approximate level, so many people a day.
the schedule was basically free, we agreed to work in 2 shifts of 3-4 people.
At this stage, we scored on the instructions. We did not divide the plots among themselves, they became common, someone walks, and someone who sits at the site checks incoming forms, lists them and stamps PRIMARY KEY (number of instructor section, number of counting area, room number) on each form.
It was a good move (but still irregular, as the scheme proposed by the instruction is simpler, but less stable and actually rests on the word of honor of one person), but it created few problems.

So, in order.

For the first week, everyone went home (I personally sat in the precinct, worked with papers, and kept records).
During the reception of the population, I came to a simple conclusion:
if, before the survey begins, to say, “Now I will ask you questions about your dwelling, as well as people living in it. If the question seems to you to be incorrect, you may not answer it, ”then the person being rewritten is much less afraid of the census and answers more readily.
hint: forms on the census site.

I must say that many people refused to take the census, for the most part those who rent an apartment (their fears are completely understandable, we did not become fanatically convincing).
in general, at this stage we walked around 50% of the apartments.
Then, when we got around everything that was possible, we sat on the phone, calling the remaining apartments.
People willingly agreed to come to the precinct or write to each other by telephone.
Here we have raised the percentage to 70 with something.
Ie almost two weeks we were in a job without days off from 6 to 12 hours a day

Well, then everything went not really fun.

The instructor has a plan, the site manager also has a plan (which either fails to fulfill the plan or (the teacher) does not pass certification or will be dismissed (from the civil service) with a shameful entry in the TK)
In general, the mentioned lists of passport offices went to sausage (only those apartments were written that did not show signs of life, that is, they came to them three times and called them three times).
I must say that we marked the forms filled in according to these lists in a special way, we did not invent any illegal immigrants.
Access to the lists was controlled, it was always known where and which list, the lists were kept by the instructor.

Now about the security and confidentiality of the information received.

Nobody poured the information anywhere and didn’t even want to do this, all the forms were accountable.
At night and in the afternoon forms were guarded by young policemen. And what, telly, internet, tea, and you can protect, I would so happily preserve.
Yes, we read the forms. But I can not remember a single surname, except for those who are particularly reminiscent.
By the way, if someone suddenly would need to steal these data, it is very difficult to steal them without committing any crimes from the Criminal Code. It is necessary to at least apply physical strength.

After transferring the data to Rosstat, the forms “C” (full name + Address) will be destroyed, and the data will thus be impersonal.

- good concierge planted in his booth and drive the tenants down. (and who refused - he should owe half a liter)
I remember the phrase.
- there are no special problems with pensioners, of course, suspicious people called the station, clarified their identity.
- In some enterprises, the position: did not bring a certificate of the census - got lyuley.
- *** sie HOA. The order of the authorities - the census is not allowed.
- dumb renters. No would just say that they do not want to correspond. We often heard from behind the door something like "Mom, Mom, and why I can not talk, I do not want to be silent?".
- why twist any x ** nude about the census on TV, it’s enough to tell you how to identify the licensed copyist and where to call. No, it is necessary to tell exactly how a gang of copyists in masks grabbed someone. Zombies sounded from the central channels about “send better scribes ** ***”, anyway, you will not be better from the census.

What could be done to make the data more reliable.
- introduce a penalty for refusing to participate in the census, as in many European countries. Let at least 50 rubles, but the fine that must be brought to the bank, stand in line and pay.
- untie this action from the plan (“find, bear, steal another 100 people” - not at all true)
- enter a tick for “default values” (the default place of birth is the city where the census is conducted, the native language is Russian)
- We had two fields to fill in - date of birth and age at 0:00 09/14/2010, which is not quite clear to me. Apparently, for programmers of the processing system and the OCR of all this, counting age by date is an impossible task.
- To fine the media and revoke their licenses for the dissemination of information that pushes citizens to fail to participate in the census under any pretext.
- issue, <interjection>, normal pens, which are written as a pen, and not as a stylus.

I apologize for a little confused post, I hope I brought to you that not everything is so bad.
The percentage of relevance of 70%, I think, across the country is quite good for the conditions in which we find ourselves.

UPD: I apparently did not write very clearly.
So. 70% - real premises that were bypassed or rewritten by telephone.
Just over 15% of the premises abandoned the census.
The plan for the premises we have fulfilled a little less than 95%.
Total, about 10 percent - according to the lists of passport offices, which were marked with - a different source (it seems, mark 10.2, I do not remember now, this mark means processing only gender, age and place of birth).

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107039/

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