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CodeGear Delphi for PHP

Work with databases is made on the basis of non-visual components Database, Query and DataSource, and almost all visual components can automatically receive data by connecting to the DataSource. The VCL for PHP even includes a DBGrid, which visually allows you to display and edit data in the browser!

A set of ready-made components, convenient work with databases, a simple paradigm of using AJAX in the form of event handlers, a built-in debugger of code, the ability to develop and connect their PHP components, support for well-known "template engines" like Smarty - all this makes Delphi for PHP a truly revolutionary product for PHP In general, from working with the new product CodeGear there is a feeling that the stone age in PHP has ended and only one question arises: “Why wasn’t this done much earlier ?!”.
It can be said that the speed of developing web applications will surely increase several times, and the likelihood of a mass appearance of sites to which the trendy Web 2.0 term can be applied becomes quite real.

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