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Find your Elephant in the affiliate network “Where is the Elephant?”

On October 27, the official opening of a significant Internet project - the network of affiliate programs “Where is the Elephant?”.

“Where is the Elephant?” Is an unusual project. It brings together those who want to sell a product and those who can sell it in one place. Some get an increase in sales, others - additional or even basic income.

Major online stores, such as, zakazi24.ru, boutique.ru, telegorod.ru, toyz.ru, have already confirmed their participation in the project. Negotiations are underway with other stores.
“Despite the fact that we have our own quite successful affiliate program, we are interested in cooperation with the partner network“ Where is the Elephant? ”. Affiliate sales constitute a significant part of our turnover and we plan to increase this figure by attracting new partners through an affiliate network, ”says Ivan Kuts, Development Director www.zakazi24.ru

For an online store affiliate program is one of the most profitable ways to sell goods. By investing in advertising, public relations and information campaigns, it is not always possible to get a return on these investments. In the affiliate program, everything is simple and fair - the store pays money to the partner only for the goods already sold.

However, not every store can open its own affiliate program - partner relationship management, bookkeeping related to affiliate payouts is often difficult and expensive to organize. It is the task of attracting partners and settlements with partners and decides "Where is the Elephant?". It is enough for the store to add attractive and competitive products to our base.

Working with a partner network is also beneficial for a partner. There is more choice of goods for sale, convenient mechanisms for placing goods on your site, there is no risk of being deceived and not getting your earnings.

“Making money on affiliate programs is not a myth. Unfortunately, on the Internet at every corner you can find offers for earnings online and most of them are frauds. However, there are a lot of people who earn real money by selling other people's goods and services, they simply do not advertise themselves and do not reveal the secrets of their success. The goal of our project is to provide potential partners with a simple, convenient and reliable tool for making money online, ”says Alexander Polyakov, commercial director of“ Where is the Elephant? ”.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/107019/

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