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Startups Without Harm To Dad

The theme of prizes is very popular among start-up events.
Certificates, grants ... Talanting here at our "weekend" will be handing out free places in the MBA.

We, the people from Glavstart, thought that working with experts, useful advice and a system of mentoring, the very “magic Pendel” - this is already a tangible profit and no other prizes are needed. If a person wants to develop his own idea, he will take care of it, and he will not be interested in “buns”.

But then we realized that giving presents was a pleasure! And here we also decided to make the best for the authors of projects from St. Petersburg. More precisely, not by themselves - but to their families, who certainly do not receive any joy from communicating with any experts there.
So that it would not be painfully painful for you to leave your wife and child during the Startup Weekend without a loving father, we decided to organize their leisure time.

The plan is as follows.
Family authors of projects who will send applications for a speech with an idea before 10 am tomorrow at idea@glavstart.ru with a note in the body of the letter: “Yes, I have a wife (husband) and a son (daughter)!”, Arkady Moreynis (in Friday, after the presentations) will give 2 tickets to the circus (on Saturday) and 2 tickets to the dolphinarium (on Sunday). Thus, you will calmly work on your project, your family will look at four-legged and waterfowl, and our karma will not suffer from the fact that we steal from fathers' children with our activities.

Startapper, send your wife and child to the circus, and you yourself - work with pleasure.
Build your own business without harm to family life. :)

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