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An open letter to the President of the Russian Federation from small IT-companies

Hello, dear Habravchane.

Let me introduce myself first, my name is Vladimir Zavertaylov, I am the director of the Internet solutions studio Sibiriks and we are very glad that we have finally become a part of the Habrasoobschestva. But let's get down to business.

As already mentioned in the topic “ Benefits for IT ”, on October 13 of this year, the Federation Council adopted a very important bill for the entire industry, which was then signed by the President on October 16.
And, it would seem, we all should rejoice in such good trends of the “modernization” policy of Dmitry Anatolyevich, if the law did not have several rather serious omissions, which for many companies nullify all the positive aspects of this document, and which we will describe below .

It is completely obvious that in its present form the law is untenable and is rather declarative in nature. Realizing this, we immediately decided to act and wrote an “ Open Letter to the President of the Russian Federation from small IT and Internet companies ”, in which we described the essence of the problem moments and invited all those who support IT development in our country to sign it.

For details, I ask under the habrakat ...


The law itself carries a good goal - to reduce the tax burden for IT companies and give impetus to the development of high technology in our country. Namely, it is planned to introduce a preferential 14 percent rate of insurance payments to extra-budgetary funds for organizations operating in the field of information technology. This is against 34 percent of deductions provided since 2011. “Yes, this is a victory!” - you would say, and you would be absolutely right, if not the following moments ...

Why is the law untenable

As I said, the law has significant flaws:
1. A prerequisite for obtaining the above benefits only by companies with at least 50 employees. This is despite the fact that according to research data, more than 95% (!) Of companies in the field of web development have not even come close to the figure of 50 people. It turns out that the benefits were declared, but in practice this will affect only a very small number of companies.
2. The second, but no less important feature of the law is the requirement for a share of income from the sale of IT products (services) of at least 90%. It seems to be correct, once an IT company, then revenues should only be from IT. But, as has already become customary in the Russian reality, there is a demand, but there is no clear definition of what IT-products and services are and what falls under them.
3. And finally, the third requirement is the state accreditation of IT-companies. In essence, the requirement is, of course, reasonable. But does not this requirement give the government structures the opportunity to delay the process of issuing tax incentives? Practice shows that this is usually the case.

An open letter to the President of the Russian Federation from small IT-companies

The way out of this situation is to amend this law until 2011, when new tax rates will already be in effect and it will be too late to change anything. Yesterday we launched a website with an open letter to Dmitry Anatolyevich, on which everyone can put his signature and, thus, draw the attention of the interested community and the legislature to this problem.

At the moment, the Tagline expert group has taken over the coordination of the initiative, in addition, the initiative group includes the Association of Interactive Agencies (AIA), the Siberian Web Club , as well as the portal CMSmagazine .

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