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Data recovery. Qualifications and companies

Faced with the problem of data loss, be very careful and
careful! Their fate may depend on your actions.
Currently, there are a huge number of companies on the market, one way or another.
otherwise involved in information recovery. Man who for the first time
faced the problem of data loss, often simply does not know what to do
further and who to contact. Someone learns about the company from advertising, someone
Appeals on the advice of friends, someone just goes to the nearest service or
relates a familiar geek. In order not to be mistaken in the choice, and not to lose
your data forever, you need to make sure that your chosen company
can provide expert assistance, and is responsible for the quality of their work.
Features and criteria for assessing the quality of services that everyone should know:

1. Beware of prepaid companies. If you are asked
money ahead - be careful. Many companies operate according to the principle
“Once”, i.e. not completing the order, or receiving unsatisfactory
the result is issued an order to the client. Return the money will only through the court, but
not many want to mess with it. But in some cases, prepayment happens
reasonable, for example when swapping a block of magnetic heads or working
with opened drives, as it is due to the consumption of materials
spare parts, and often associated with the use of so-called

2.Professional companies offer fixed prices. Simply
Calling the data recovery company can learn a lot.
One of the important issues is the issue of price. If you hear a lengthy answer,
they say: “bring, it will be seen” or “it all depends on the problem”, be
are attentive. Companies that are professionally involved in recovery
data have fixed prices, which can vary only by
coordination with the client (for example, if a donor head unit with
new / good drive, procedures with opened drives, etc.).
So you will be sure that by giving the drive for data recovery, the price
will not fly up, for example due to the fact that the manager will notice the brand
car on which you came.
3. All work must have a time frame. On the question of the timing you
should get a very specific answer, because companies involved
data recovery professionally, and not occasionally or in
time free from main work have certain temporary
standards for work (unless otherwise agreed with the client). So you will
are insured from the fact that your order will not be postponed until better times or when
hands reach him. This also violates the companies disguised as
qualified. Such companies produce only light work, the same
work that they can not afford them more qualified. it
may affect both the price and the timing in a big way.

4. Ask for the price list. Or ask about the specific cost for
your drive. Prices for any work must be justified, not
taken from the ceiling. Be wary of the indication of the price “From: and To:”. Extensive Price -
the guarantee that the company provides qualified assistance and is responsible for
quality of service.

5. Follow the work of staff. When ordering, your drive must accept
data recovery specialist, not a secretary who does not have
proper qualifications. He must conduct a survey for recovery
and existing problems. In addition, for the recovery period you should
issue a receipt indicating the drives and their serial numbers (for example,
case of hard drives). So you will be sure that you will be given back
it is your drive, not some kind of similar one. It is not necessary
take a disk for a copy of the data, because professional firms possess
extensive bank of various drives for copies. Copying
produced on their drives, and only having received a result that satisfies
client data can be transferred to your disk, and without
additional charges.

6. Learn about where to place an order. Presence of several offices
data recovery companies allow you to serve customers faster.
If the company has courier delivery, then you need
make sure the courier is a specialist and has proof of it

PS got it easy. come from all sorts of burned masters. we paid the money, we did not get it. need to think more. - read and do not fall. And better make copies of critical data and more often.

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