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Meeting with John Hrvatin, IE Lead Program Manager

John Hrvatin (John Hrvatin) - IE9 Lead Program Manager, responsible for the software model, developer tools and standards support. John has been working with the Internet Explorer team for more than 6 years, during which he has also been involved in many other issues, including browser installation and group policies, has repeatedly spoken at various conferences with reports on developing high-performance websites, preparing websites for various browsers and developer tools. . Under the cat you can find out where and when the meeting will take place, its content, as well as ask questions to John (in the comments), after the meeting we will publish an interview.

What will happen at the meeting?

At the meeting, John will make 2 reports:

Plus, there will be a separate question and answer session. In the comments you can ask your questions to John - after the meeting we will publish his interview

Important: Russian translation is not supposed.

Where and when?

Moscow office Microsoft, st. Krylatskaya, 17.
November 1, at 19:00 (better to come a little in advance).

How to get to the meeting?

To register for the meeting, write a letter to Konstantin Kichinsky (konkich at microsoft.com) with the heading “Meeting with John Hrvatin”, indicating in the letter:
- Surname, first name
- What do you do, experience web development / web design / layout for different browsers
- What browsers do you use?
- What questions would you like to ask John

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