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Xpath visually

XPath is one of the key points on the road to understanding XSLT. And at first, I want to get some easy way to experiment with it in order to find out in detail how it works. The way this, however, is not observed. You have to either download free XML / XSLT editors, or be content with static images from zvon.org . Maybe I was looking bad. But from my belfry everything is exactly that. And when the task “Explain XSLT” again arose before me, the idea of ​​a tiny service was born in my head. After everything worked, it was decided to roll it out for general use: surely I was not the only one who faced similar problems.

How it works

Everything is simple to a disgrace: we enter XML for experiments, we write request and in the course of a set we watch result. It looks like this:

However, then looking at the pictures, you can go and feel it all alive .
Service, however, can be useful not only for educational purposes. Subtle queries are often conveniently observed visually. For its task service coped. I would be glad if you help someone else.

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