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A worthy candidate for the role of Front-office?

Not so long ago, in one of my previous notes, I considered some technical aspects of trade automation. The topic caused a rather frisky interest of the community, but many questions arose regarding software, not hardware.

I had a lot of questions, especially considering the fact that in the coming weeks there will be a new brand store opening.
Regarding the back-office, everything is quite simple. But what to use as a front-office? What to choose? What to work with? What is the price of the issue? (Watch out for traffic!)

Requirements that (in my opinion) must meet such software:

The search was spent about a week in his spare time. And now I’m ready to share the results with the community.

Among all applicants, my gaze fell on one small company, which is located in the Ukrainian town called Vinnitsa.

MiniSoft LLC entered the market quite recently, in early 2010, founded by a group of professionals. MiniSoft works on the B2B model - Busines-to-Business, the main goal is to provide the client with the simplest but functional product at an affordable price.

Software MiniSoft Shop can be used in different ways: locally in the enterprise, in network mode between branches, in terminal server mode with RDP.

Reliability and data security is provided by the free edition of MS SQL Express.

The base price of the product is 1200 UAH. / 4900 rub. This price includes 5 licenses, staff training and consultations.

But enough theory! Let's start to practice.

We are registered on the official site of the company - MiniSoft (I hope, the site will not comprehend habraeffekt), from here from the profile we will send a request for activation / receipt of the key.

Profile on the site MiniSoft

Having signed the contract, I received an installation package, as well as 1 key. I want to notice that the contract clearly spelled out additional services for the finalization of software, as well as their cost, terms and terms of reference.

The size of this is due to the "sewn" in the installer MSSQL Express. By default, the package includes the 2005 edition. The installation was successful on both XP and Windows 7 x64, even though Windows wrote about possible compatibility issues. Upon completion of the installation, Windows offered to install SP3 for MSSQL.

They promise to include the 2008 edition for the future. Although there are still a lot of workstations installed with XP, so the choice of 2005 is quite justified.

True, there is a small limitation. Those who are familiar with MSSQL probably already understood what was going on. But the fact is that the Express-version is limited to the size of the base of 4 GB and can use no more than 1 CPU core.

If you have large amounts of data, you will have to buy a full version of MSSQL.

By installing the program, you will be surprised how much space it takes.

Although in essence, this is a client for SQL, written in Delphi, therefore, the size is as follows.

The program can work in client and server mode. In both cases, a key is required for each copy, which is tied to the hardware. It is also possible to work in the terminal mode, in this case, you will need only 1 key on the server itself.


Run the program. We see the welcome window.

By default, 3 users are Administrator, Director and Seller. Administrator - MinSoft service user.

After 3 incorrect attempts to enter a password, the program shuts down and needs to be restarted.

We go under the Director, using the password 111. We see approximately the following.

As you can see, the interface is very simple and quite logical. Do you need customers? Here they are, in a separate group! Do you have a list of suppliers? They are also in a separate group! And so everything is grouped into categories.

And no "front" of the army of buttons, as in 1C. Everything is ingeniously simple - the standard top menu, the operations panel (add, edit, delete, exit), the section tabs panel and the workspace.

The number of tab panels directly depends on the access rights set.

The first tab is “Check”

This layout has already become a classic of the genre and combines all the advantages of functionality and simplicity. There are discounts and balances - no need to go anywhere.

There is the possibility of returning the goods by the buyer, there are indeed such cases.

The difference between the “Save” and “Conduct” buttons is that in the first case, the goods are reserved in the warehouse, but the check does not get through.

It is possible to set the option “rounding without kopecks”, in case of using discount cards it will be very convenient.

After you connect the FR, the functions of working with the device will appear, among which you liked “Copy of the last check”. Those who worked with the Federal Reserve, probably faced the problem of paper jams, as well as its end at the moment when the check is printed - no more problems, press one button and the issue is resolved.

Tab "Customers"

You can attach a discount card to the client. The “additionally” tab contains the fields address, site, mail, EDRPOU, bank details, etc.

Card Product

Contains all sorts of parameters of the goods. Of the additional fields - size, weight, analogues - of course, a bonus for logistics.

A nice bonus is a picture / product photo.

This function is introduced with a look at the future - the developers pamper us with the promise to come to grips with the development of an export system for the online store in the near future.

On the left you can also notice the grouping by categories - very convenient.


At the moment there is a more modified version - with VAT, written specifically at our request. In the future - it will be in the base delivery.

The work area is divided into two parts. The first is a list of invoices, the second is the content of the invoice itself, which is very convenient for quick search and viewing.

Incoming can be performed either manually or by exporting from an electronic invoice in xls or dbf formats.

In addition to all this, there is also an inventory, a write-off from the warehouse, a return to the supplier. Using a barcode scanner makes it a lot easier.


This tab is only slightly different from the "Customers".

discount cards

The tab contains information about issued discount cards. Here you can quickly issue a new card, and also, if necessary, deactivate the old ones, assign a type of discount.

Types of discount cards

Fixed discounts in% and the amount is no surprise. Recently, accumulative systems have become particularly popular, when the percentage changes when a certain amount is reached.

With the help of this section, you can specify as many systems and tariff grids as you want.


The program implements a basic set of operations at the cash desk - receipt, collection, X / Z reports.

Access rights management

The system of delineation of rights is very flexibly configured, by analogy with the mysql access rights, only here checkboxes are opposite sections.

By default, only the “Checks” section is available for sellers.

To work at the box office you can teach almost anyone, for a very short period of time.


The program includes a basic set of reports presented in the figure:

As the developers claim, the functionality will be constantly updated, and you will be able to quickly update the version to a newer one.


Of the parameters that can be configured through the program interface - the name of the enterprise, address, details, sorting, rounding, etc. In a separate tab - the fiscal registrar is set up, the list of supported models also promise to constantly expand.

The latest version has added (at our request) the option to select the exchange rate via the COM port.

That's basically all, more expanded, in subtle details it makes no sense to tell features - anyone interested, can go to the MiniSoft website, see the presentation, screenshots, read the certificate.

Today I was informed about the completion of the software development for our needs, it remains to pay and get to work.

Thanks to those who have enough interest to read to the end. Good luck!

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