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Evernote 4 for Windows is here!

Evernote for Windows is the most popular of our applications, and today we are pleased to announce a large-scale evolution of the Windows client. Meet Evernote 4 !

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Below we will explain why it seems to us that this version can be called the best in the entire history.


Start all over again

Evernote 4 is radically different from Evernote 3.5 in all respects. Although version 3.5 added a lot of great new features, we encountered a number of problems that could not be easily fixed: a blurred font, long loading times, high memory consumption and poor support for video cards. All this was due to the specifics of the technologies underlying 3.5 (Windows .NET and WPF), which we could not influence in any way. Ultimately, we slipped into the fight against platform errors instead of working on new features that users have asked us to do.

In the end, we decided to start from scratch using only C ++, which we were sure of. As you will see, the result was amazing. This new version will lay the foundation for a more rapid development of the Windows client.


Evernote 4 should provide a comfortable work on any computer, be it a netbook, an old computer with Windows XP or a top model running Windows 7.

During testing with the hardware, we found that Evernote 4 runs five times faster and uses two times less memory than Evernote 3.5.


We reworked every element of the user interface. A new look allows you to focus on your notes, not on buttons and scroll bars. The new version works much better on various types of displays, with any proportions of the screen and with various input devices. So whether you use a mouse, keyboard or touch screen to interact with a computer, you will be comfortable working with Evernote 4.

Here are some of our favorite interface improvements:

And that is not all…

First of all, Evernote 4 was created in order to provide a new convenient way to work with the service and become a powerful platform for a huge number of new functions that will be implemented in the coming months. But we decided to add some interesting features from the very beginning.

Improved copying
Copied snippets of web pages are the most popular type of note in Evernote. Therefore, in Evernote 4, we decided to significantly update the copy process. Now, when you save content from Internet Explorer, Outlook, and Firefox, you will see a pop-up note creation window that allows you to add tags and select a destination notepad without leaving the current application window. You can skip this dialog by holding the Shift key.

Microsoft Outlook users should like the ability to copy messages, attachments and even several emails to their Evernote account. When copying from Internet Explorer and Firefox, more style and formatting elements are now saved, and the clipper works more reliably.

Improved editing
We spent the last 9 months, improving the editing capabilities of notes, and now we can boast a number of new excellent additions, such as:

Clever headlines
Evernote has now become more intelligent in automatically generating note headers based on the type of content being saved. For example, it can be the first line of text or the title of a web page for the copied web fragment. Of course, you can edit the title of the note at any time.

Flexible printing options

When you are printing one or several notes, you can click on the “Settings” button from the print dialog and choose what information about the note you would like to include in the print.

Windows 7: Jump Lists
In addition to adapting the look and interactions for Windows 7, we also included support for a number of new features in Windows 7, including transition lists that allow you to pin Evernote to the taskbar and get quick access to the main features of Evernote (sync, search and create). notes) even if Evernote is not running.

Windows 7: Automatic Location Detection
Evernote 4 also supports most of the new geolocation capabilities of Windows 7. You can now easily assign location data to your notes. Click on the text “Click to set a location ...” in the information panel of the note, and your computer will find out your location and add it to the note.

Hiding unnecessary data
In order to more efficiently use screen space, we have made some interface elements hidden until they are needed.

Installing Evernote 4

Evernote 4 can be downloaded right now!

Please note that installing Evernote 4 will remove the existing version of Evernote 3.5.

In the coming weeks, we will add the ability to automatically update the client for those who do not want to download and install the Evernote 4 distribution kit manually.

If you are using a Firefox browser , check for updates to add-ons to get the latest and compatible version of Evernote 4 for your browser.

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