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New record of range of run of the electric car without recharge

It seems like all the records while the company Tesla beat, whose cars can cover a distance of half a thousand kilometers without recharging the battery. This is an excellent result for an electric car, but as it turned out, now Tesla has competitors who have developed a new, efficient system that allows you to convert an ordinary car into a car that runs on electricity. It seems that such a transformation is quite expensive, but it was such a car that broke the record, driving 602 kilometers in seven hours. The Audi A2 drove this distance at an average speed of 130 kilometers per hour, which is a very good indicator, you see.

The Germans are proud that they were able to create a system that allows you to convert an ordinary car into an electric car, and the effectiveness of such a transformation, as we see, is very high. So far, the record in 602 kilometers on one battery charge is not broken, so we will wait for other records. And really, a great idea is not to create a fundamentally new car that runs on electricity, but to change existing systems. Unfortunately, the Germans have not yet announced the cost of such a transformation - although, however high it may be, it seems that refinement and launch into mass production can reduce the cost by an order of magnitude, as has happened more than once.
It is worth noting that the Japanese are advancing on the heels of the Germans, who have reported on a new type of electric vehicle, which seems to be able to travel a thousand kilometers on one charge. It may well be, if we recall the ability of the Japanese to create all sorts of technical wonders. But, I think, the cost of developing the Japanese will be high, and certainly higher than the German system. Indeed, one thing is to change the existing car, and another is the development of a fundamentally new project. For this, the Japanese honor and praise, but the Germans seem to have achieved more impressive results. The authors of the development of the German system - the company DBM Energy and the company lekker Energie.

We are waiting for new records?

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