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Fan Games Text Festival

A community of fans of text games hosts a festival of fan games (fan fiction games). The beginning is interesting, so I publish an ad for habrayuzerov.
Let me remind you that you can write a game including. on QSP .

The Text Fan Games Festival is a reckless event created by enthusiasts from the community of text game lovers in conjunction with fan communities.
We love text games, and we invite you to participate, write your game on the festival .
Fans of any works, games, books, films, anime, etc. If you have an idea for a game based on a piece you like, do not miss this opportunity!

What is the trick?
We will publish the games of the festival in fan communities, and on the sites of text game lovers - you will get fame in your fan community and beyond. Unusual prizes from our jury are also waiting for you.

It is very simple to take part: it’s enough to write a text game on any fandom and send it to nex@otaku.ru before November 22.
Anyone can write a text game, for this it is not even necessary to understand programming.

Examples of text-based fan games can be seen here .

October 25: Start!
October 25-31: a week to decide on participation, find assistants, send an application, start exploring the platform or write your own engine.
November 1-21: 3 weeks to write the game.
November 22-28: week for the jury to get acquainted with the games, distribution of prizes.
November 29, 30: publication of results, end of the festival.

It is not necessary to send the application (the presence of the application does not affect the participation), but it is desirable - this will add players interest to the festival and to your future game.

How to write a game - in detail here .

Game requirements are minimal. Text games on any fandom that are not published before the festival start are allowed to participate in the festival. The topic, content, method of execution is fully determined by the author.

News about the festival will be posted on the festival blog - http://text-games-festival.blogspot.com/ . There is also an RSS feed .

Festival or competition? What is the difference?
The word “festival” in the name means that, unlike the competition, we do not have a “competition”, there are no winners and losers. There is no vote, there is only a “prize of sympathy” from a jury member. The prize will go to each author who submitted the game.
For the same reason, we have not taken cash prizes: what will be the prize depends solely on the jury member whose choice you made.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106978/

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