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Now getting rid of unnecessary electronics is quite simple!

Instant sale
I have no doubt that the majority of habrazhiteli has accumulated a lot of old and not very technical equipment for a long time: something from it deserves to occupy a place in the family collection, and some gizmos just take up space, and their hands do not reach them.

The largest online auction was going to solve this problem and offered a new service that allows selling obsolete (or simply unnecessary) items with minimal time loss. Or at least properly disposed of, if they are environmentally unfriendly.

Recently launched Instant Sale only works with medium-sized electronics: phones, cameras, players, laptops, etc. The main advantages of the service:

The process of selling itself is very simple, which allows us to hope for its quick distribution:
  1. Find the gadget you want to sell (as long as the list is not very large, but it is gradually expanding);
  2. Specify his condition;
  3. If the offered price suits you, arrange the offer;
  4. Your goods are delivered to the buyer for free;
  5. Money comes to your account (if the state really meets the requirements described. Otherwise, the product will again return home free of charge.

If suddenly for the goods there is no buyer - it will help you to recycle for free.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106976/

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