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Startup Ideas

image Friends, I welcome you.

I want to introduce you to my new service, which I launched just a few days ago. It is called trite Ideas for startups .

The essence of the service in a nutshell

Platform for discussing ideas for startups or business and sharing experiences.
How was the idea born

It all started with the fact that I wanted to develop some useful and interesting service. I began to look for ideas on the Internet, found a lot of things, but all the information that I came across was organized very uncomfortable. As a rule, this is either a huge list of ideas on the blog of some lonely blogger, or a forum with hundreds of posts that have to be viewed sequentially.
And then I thought that you can create a service that is convenient for discussing ideas. This is primarily interesting to me, and it can also attract an audience, which in principle does not like the forum style of communication, but rather likes the modern approach (tags, plus signs, negatives, ratings, etc.).

Project Features

- No registration. Instead, login through other services (openid, openAuth, vkontakte, etc.). I believe that people who are interested in creating their business should have an account on at least one of such services as google, yandex, livejournal, vkontakte, etc.
- Immediately after authorization, each user can write comments, create topics and vote for content. I understand that sooner or later acts of vandalism will happen, and I will have to introduce captcha and all sorts of other defenses. But I decided to start that way, and then we'll see. Accordingly, I ask you to treat with understanding.

Global goal

I believe that the presence of a convenient tool will contribute to the birth of conceptually new ideas, the improvement of old ones, and also will save someone from the mistakes of the implementation of deliberately disastrous ideas. A small contribution to the Russian small business.

Used technologies

I developed the project traditionally in java using apache wicket and hibernate technologies.

Welcome to inspectidea.com

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