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Google has finally improved feedburner

Believe it or not, Google has not forgotten about Feedburner. The RSS management service has acquired a new interface that looks more like Google Analytics and it looks like it’s now much easier to integrate into AdSense and Webmaster.

New skin, not yet working for all services, if you need a control panel for your feeds or changing some settings - the old style is used. The new interface available at feedburner.google.com/gfb/ shows statistics for views, clicks, and the number of podcast downloads.

This is a really powerful tool, especially if you use the Feedburner Socialize service, which, for example, sends entries to Twitter immediately after posting. You will learn how users respond to your RSS feeds and which customers use to access.

The statistics absorbed a lot of changes, collecting in a single place everything that used to be located in different places. For example, you can view statistics for the last two hours and study various waves of activity and clicks.

The control panel now also contains information about new messages, problems with feeds or other things that you should know.


We hope the new statistics tools and interface improvements are just the beginning of a series of improvements to Feedburner. Perhaps RSS will lose relevance in the world of Twitter, Facebook and mobile applications, however, authors still need a single place to manage all their channels.

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