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Messenger embedded in your site - 13 days later

image After the first post about the messenger , 13 days have passed, for which a lot has been made. The most important of them are:

1. Messenger earned in IE8 (hooray!)
2. Solved the problem of not displaying the messenger on sites with the directive DOCTYPE xhtml1 at the top of the page
3. Support Russian nicknames
4. The correct work of the messenger on sites where the username and nickname differ
5. Adding a roster machine to the roster of all users who are now online on the site (it turned out to be a very necessary feature - I see everyone who is currently on the site and can communicate with them!)
6. The support of the messenger has been introduced by e-mail support@imsgr.ru

What will happen next and what sites have used the messenger - under the cut.

To-do list:
1. Customization - the ability to use your own css and pictures
2. Adding a user to the contact list through a search by nickname (or by its initial part)
3. Display on the website of the icon, symbolizing the online or offline user
4. If you sent / received a message from the user, then it is automatically added to the contact list.
The messenger is already working on 10 sites (to see it, authorization is required everywhere). Here are some of them:

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106936/

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