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Cosmogony of the world Vizerra

Hello, dear habr-users!

My name is Anna Degtyareva, I am the production director of 3DreamTeam, who created the Vizerra product - a platform for creating 3D worlds.
Now Vizerra product is in the beta test stage, and each user can send us the errors found by him.
I want to thank you for the bugs found - this time on behalf of the production. Every day we recycle our locations: we transplant trees, close collisions, cover holes in bare rocks - in short, eliminate the traces of the creation of the world that you see on your screens.
The errors that you send us are the result of the fact that the Vizerra world is different from the real world, and in some places it is still noticeable how it works. And by the way: how is it arranged?


Cosmogony of the world Vizerra
What did ancient people know about the world? That the world is most likely flat and located in the center of the universe. That the world does not fall, because it rests on the back of a huge animal or sways on the endless waters of the world's oceans. That the world was created by the Creator, and its existence makes sense, inaccessible to the understanding of mere mortals.
Centuries passed, the world gradually expanded, acquired a spherical shape, turned out to be only one of many worlds in the Universe. But the three-dimensional world of Vizerra is still very young and therefore still resembles the Earth the way people saw it many years before our era.

World Ocean
The earth floats in water (like a piece of wood, a ship, or some other [body] that, by nature, tends to float in water); earthquakes, eddies and motions of stars occur because everything swings on the waves due to the mobility of water;
Thales of Milesus

In the world of Vizerra there is a real world ocean. All locations rest above it (the Greek philosopher Anaximenes, who did not understand anything in 3D, would have thought that the earth is hanging on compressed air) in the center of the universe. Sometimes the water level rises, and Venice, like its non-virtual sister, is in danger of a real flood. But we stand on guard of our world, so you can look at the Piazza San Marco even after the real Venice becomes an underwater city.


Vizerra lands are small islands scattered around the world with the most interesting sights. So that you do not drown in the world ocean, we set invisible man-made borders (you overcome them when you send us such screenshots). This is what happens if you still break through the invisible wall:


And here you can see what the Vizerra location consists of. Pay attention to the panoramic photos that create the illusion of infinity space spaces.


“Some people, hiding behind the name of Christians, argue, together with pagan philosophers, that Heaven has a spherical shape. Without a doubt, these people are deceived by the eclipses of the sun and moon ... "
Kozma Indopople,
Byzantine traveler and merchant

The sky of Vizerra is infinite. True, some managed to fly to the clouds. But now those who wish to repeat the fate of Icarus will stumble upon the exact same invisible border as those on the ground.


Welcome to the world of Vizerra - a world that the philosophers of antiquity would really like!
You are helping us in the creation of this world - to hide its wrong side, participating in the current beta testing .
Let me remind you that the one who finds the most bugs is rewarded with prizes: an annual subscription to Visual Studio Premium (prize provided by Microsoft) or Visual Studio Ultimate (prize provided by Oogway ).

Anna Degtyareva, Production Director

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